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EhPortal v1.1

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Description: Eh Portal for SMF 2.1 Beta2
Ported from Simple Portal 2.3.6


Changes go downward, versions go upward. Please scroll to the bottom for a legend.
Changelog started October 08, 2014.
Changelog last updated November 13, 2015.

EhPortal 1.1
+ Updated copyright year to 2015
+ Standalone mode reconfigured using a different method
+ Updated wireless detection method
+ Added bullets for news block
! Fixed copyright placement for SMF 2.1 Beta 2
! Fixed installation routine
! Fixed highlighting of home nav link
! Fixed WebDev news & current version
! Fixed HTML entities within news fader

EhPortal 1.0
+ Updated permission parameters to a hook
+ EhPortal Portal branched from SimplePortal 2.3.6
+ Added support for SMF 2.1.X installation
+ Updated News block for delayed rotation and fade (SMF 2.1.X only)
+ Added block settings for News rotation/delay
+ Recent topics character limit no longer causes malformed HTML and/or BBCode
! Removed SMF 1.1.X and SMF 2.0.X support
! Fixed css within various templates
! Fixed copyright for standalone home page

! Minor change or bugfix.
+ Feature addition or improvement.
- Feature or option removal.
Keywords: eh, eh portal, portal, smf portal 
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