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Win / Lose Image

Started by FrizzleFried, April 26, 2022, 10:48:16 AM

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Hi guys...

Just one man's opinion,  but from my perspective,  the WIN/LOSE image needs a serious upgrading.  The current one reminds me of that terrible sitcom "Dinosaurs"...

It should not include an image of any monster (as it's then confusing)...

IDEALLY each monster should have a WIN/LOSE image (so 3 images per monster) but I am guessing that would be too difficult from an art perspective... but short of that,  a WIN/LOSE with just a nice text image would be more appropriate vs any particular monster being in it.

Again... just one man's opinion.



WAIT!  How hard would it be to dish up the image of the monster... then add a 2nd image on top.  So you could have the image of the monster then with a win add a big green check-mark (or something)... with a lose add a big red X.  That would actually be a much better solution than a single image... and it would keep peoples attention on which monster is being attacked, etc...