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EhPortal and Theme by Webtiryaki

Started by ontime, November 11, 2023, 03:45:44 PM

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Hi I upgraded forums to SMF 2.1.4 and EhPortal 1.39.5, I am trying to run themes made by Webtiryaki which are, UIS Theme and the Peacock theme, they both work fine when viewed by computer, when you look at them with a android phone and Enable Responsive Display you can see they are not compatible, the theme for right now is the USI theme I would like to make that the default theme and let users select several themes as they wish,so if I could get someone to please take a look at this I will be thankfull, I will provide a link to the forums which is  FWE Clan Forums goto the site with a computer first to see what it looks like, then use your phone to see the difference  (Use Your Android Phone) you can go to the portal click on  select themes (upper left block) and select the USI theme the go back to the forums and you will see the color is white and you cannot get back to the portal because the menus are gone and the words run of the page. thank you very much ontime

Chen Zhen

I can see that via your website those 2 themes are having mobile/responsive display issues and will test out a fix shortly.