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Eh Portal v1.21

Started by Chen Zhen, July 19, 2018, 09:17:17 AM

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Chen Zhen

Eh Portal v1.21

EhPortal 1.21
+ Updated copyright year to 2018
+ Added shoutbox audio
+ Added profile option to honor ignored members
+ Added profile option to mute shoutbox audio
+ Added admin option to fix number of shouts in each shoutbox
+ Member links in shoutbox now initiate private shout prefix
+ Added responsive bootstrap for mobile devices (includes mobile detection class)
! Replaced previous shoutbox code using jQuery/javascript sub-routines
! Fixed undefined errors while editing/creating blocks
! window.onload replaced with event listener
- Removed obsolete extra utf8 language files (all language files are utf8)

The main changes are a working shoutbox with audio alert and a responsive option.
The responsive layout attempts to adjust your entire forum when viewed on a mobile device including tablets.
That option may require tweaking/changes pending the next release.
Please report any feedback and/or bugs in this support board.