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Arcade and SMF 2.1.x?

Started by thedukeisnotdead, June 07, 2015, 07:08:16 PM

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Chen Zhen


- completion of Defiant template (E-Arcade clone)
- drop down categories does not show current setting
(it keeps the setting during the session but does not display it)
- add user selection of arcade template & list plus save settings in user profile
- popup (child page) where guests are not permitted to play games is redirected to the SMF default login which is too large of a display for the popup and is visibly cut-off.
- editing a game causes a session error (can not save) ~ improper session check fixed
- unzip routine not working properly on some setups?!
- css for game title in listB needs adjustment and/or allowance of custom control

A couple of updates were implemented today to fix some issues.

Chen Zhen

The issues listed in the last post with a strikethrough have been fixed.
For some reason unknown to me atm the newer zip decompress routine was not working for the SMF 2.0.X branch.
On the same note.. the original decompress routine (built into SMF) was not working for the SMF 2.1.X branch which is why I updated it in the first place.
Oh well, for now I have it using the routine that works depending on the branch being used.
I have only tested installing games on the SMF 2.1.X branch on a local installation meaning atm a live test is pending.
Installing games for the SMF 2.0.X branch had been tested live & local.

GitHub repo has been updated on Dec. 14/2015.