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Troubleshooting tips for SMF Arcade

Started by Chen Zhen, August 07, 2022, 10:32:57 PM

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Chen Zhen

Having a problem with your Arcade?
Have a look at this list for troubleshooting which may help you resolve a problem on your own.
If you're still having an issue, please feel free to post a support thread/topic in this board.

  • Mod-Security (Apache module/app) should be disabled
  • Varnish (Apache module/app) should be disabled
  • Forum paths & directories should be checked/adjusted
  • Arcade paths & directories should be checked/adjusted
  • Forum cache settings may need to be adjusted
  • Any improper JavaScript (showing errors in the console) from other sources may cause conflicts
  • Server config file may be necessary (ensure it exists after creation): Admin -> Arcade Maintenance -> Server Config
  • Improper SSL (HTTPS) settings
  • Improperly configured server config file ( ie. .htaccess ) in your main forum directory
  • forum resides in a sub-directory that may need a server config file in the parent directory <<-EXAMPLE CONFIG FILE-->