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Started by Skhilled, February 17, 2017, 06:09:24 AM

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There seems to be something missing in the arcade in the Arcade Statistics at the bottom of the page under Positional Wins...nothing shows there. Several other sites have noticed this too. I also think there's something going on with the PM for when someone wins. I think this has to do with the last SMF upgrade to 2.0.13 because I've not seen it before that.

If come to my site and check you profile for Arcade Statistics you'll see what I mean.

Chen Zhen

I will take a look today or tomorrow.
Just so happens that I am working on the arcade today prior to you posting anything.
Trying to fix some Arcade errors on this SMF 2.1 plus updating the HTML by adjusting deprecated code to current css markup.


Chen Zhen

I was working on this when I had the chance over the last 2 days.
The 1st, 2nd, 3rd placements are fixed & I updated that part on your forum.

The highscore notifications are messed up and I am working on it.
So far I have the email notifications for SMF 2.1 working and have done other changes such as fixing deprecated HTML.
I have not taken out table data but I did fix the deprecated css for it although part of the menu needs some adjustment (titlebg / catbg).
Next I will work on PM's, tournament notifications and make sure it works on both SMF branches (2.0 & 2.1).
Lastly I want to get the Defiant template working which is an E-Arcade template clone.


I do appreciate all of the hard work!

Chen Zhen

Hmm.. this template needs some adjustment!

I have some indecision regarding the PM & Email notifications...

Let us assume a forum has a large user base & many active arcade users that have their profile arcade settings set to send them notifications.
I'll give it a number like 1500 users having the "any" notification enabled.
I can set it up to send PM's & Emails in bulk but this means I will have to use the default forum language.
If I create a loop & send them out 1 by 1 then I can set the language for each email and PM.
The issue might be while using the loop it has to do a lot of emails and PM's 1 by 1 ...

I am not sure which way I should do it.
Each way is doable but what would be better?
Imo most forums won't have that many users receiving notifications so I want to do a loop but the multiple send option works better for a large forum.
I can possibly add another option to allow an Admin to choose which way it behaves.

What do you think?

Chen Zhen

Alright I decided to go with the option for the forum admin.
In the arcade settings an admin can opt bulk email/pm in case they have a lot of arcade users with "any" notifications enabled for highscores.
If the bulk option is enabled it uses the forum language default and the "any" $txt from the arcade email language file.
Else if that option is disabled then it sends a more specific message in the destined user language.

PM's & Emails are now complete although they require more testing after I finish all the updates.
I have yet to fix the email & PM coding for arena tournaments.


You have been a busy boy! LOL But it sounds great! Let me know what you need help testing...


I can also help with the Testing.

Chen Zhen


Here is a link to the latest build:

I have not completed the changes as of yet but you guys can test the PM/Email of 1st place scores & arena matches.
Report any issues and discuss anything regarding bugs or changes in that thread.