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Battle Downloads

Started by Skhilled, September 02, 2022, 09:52:48 AM

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In your downloads, the dates are way off! If you go to the downloads for battle it will say "Date: 13/03/18". This will lead people to believe that the mod has not been updated since that date. I am about to upgrade my site and have been looking at your mods and started thinking they were outdated and/or no longer kept up.

Then I saw some of the posts and realized that that was not correct. Those dates should be updated whenever a new version is released and added to the downloads.

Chen Zhen

Thanks for pointing that out!

It's the download mod that needs a new admin option to reset the date.
I like to update the existing download file (which I haven't always) so it keeps an overall download amount.
If I add a new file then it sets the current date but starts the download count at zero.

The SMF mod site keeps a total download count despite file updates which is how I decided I'd like it here as well.

I might put in 2 bits of info such as "Date Added" & "Last Updated".

Chen Zhen

The download mod has been updated to show this data now.
For the moment "Last Updated" info was only edited for SMF Arcade, Battle & EhPortal.