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Add as article

Started by Krash, April 23, 2023, 04:55:29 PM

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One of my guys has been running SP 2.3.7, we want to upgrade to 2.1 but he needs the "ADD AS ARTICLE" feature, don't see it in EH.

Chen Zhen

So you want the ability to add a post as an article from a link available when viewing a post? Instead of picking the post from adding the article block?
I don't remember SP having this feature but I'll take a look on a local host.

Chen Zhen

Articles have always worked but required being added in the admin section.
I just released a new version of EhPortal which now has options to add/remove topics as articles directly on the topic/message page.
There are also new options to upload, use & view article category icons in the admin section.

Test it out & let me know if it functions ok.