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Battle 1.0_RC8.0 BETA-UD-X

Started by Chen Zhen, July 20, 2013, 01:05:17 AM

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Chen Zhen



- now uses cookies and sessions to save some of the reused data
- browser indexing of battle title focused with js (not just #battle_main in empty link)


  I messed around with the SMF cache but I was having trouble using that because the data did not seem to remain in the cache? Atm I do not know what was going on there unless the redirectexit commands were somehow clearing it but I doubt it.. I must have been doing something wrong and will possibly test out some scenarios at a later date. For now I used cookies and sessions.. cookies are probably the fastest since it stores the data on the client computer (arrays have to be json encoded) but no sensitive data can be stored there. sessions were only used in 2 instances where minimal data is stored in those.

  We will test it out.. hopefully the js I added to index the battle title kicks in prior to the full page load (of images, data, etc.). I may have to adjust the js even more to get the effect I want (ie. add jQuery library). Testing will allow me to figure out if I need to do that or not.

Chen Zhen



! changed cookie for battle map to SMF cache

  The cache seems to be working for the map. Atm I still do not know why it was not working for other functions I tried it in.
The delay I was seeing was due to an iframe chat box being used on dwight's forum. I disabled that chat box and a few ads that display images on his battle template & then the page loaded fairly fast (enabled the ads again after testing because it is not my forum!). If people want the battle page index to be fast they are going to have to strip all the other crap being displayed on the page via blocks (or their manual edits).

  I am releasing this version as v1.14 stable. Any issues or new features will have to be dealt with in the next version. You can now see that the battle map remains the same for 1 hour (per person). In the next version I would like to introduce a game mode where each user is required to finish a map.

Chen Zhen

  I probably tried to plug a straight variable via the cache where it requires an array and this was most likely the issue I was having previously.
I may attempt to apply the cache in place of the sessions and cookies I used for the next version.

The final stable version has had some minor changes.

! replaced anonymous function with standard loop & array_multisort for battle points
! adjusted copyright in all files and display
! omitted word "stable" for version data (was visible at bottom of template)



UD...when one creates a monster or unit can one designate a campaign to the monster.

Then when you do a campaign you'll only see monsters or units in that campaign...

Chen Zhen

  Campaigns currently only include quests and exploring is separate except for the admin option of combining both scores/points for the current game in progress.  For the next version I do intend to include battling monsters as part of a quest where it will be specific monsters or random. 


My users want to try and create teams and we have them named Alpha and Beta and see which team can compete the same quests and levels the fastest.

I'm testing the idea that both Campaigns have mirror quests and at the same levels...

Imagine an obstacle course and you have a certain amount of team mates going through a series of exploring, monsters and quests to a finish line.

I've uploaded a bunch of new imagines to support our theme with this round.


I used to play a game called Total Annihilation and I'm using Core and Arm Units instead of Monsters or Tanks.

We've changed up from Alpha and Beta to Core and Arm...wish there was a way when you set permissions for the different campaigns for the users it would only allow them to see enemy units.  So if I'm an Alpha Commander going up against Beta Units then I wouldn't be able to attack or be attacked by Alpha Units.

Chen Zhen


I'll keep your ideas in mind although I may need to release another version with some fixes first since the public version is getting some error reports from people. I will have to work out the bugs from the current version prior to going ahead with other implementations.

! some source files are too large and some people are having issues when installing whereas they get corrupted files (this also applies to FTP editing).
! template files too large (different functions will require their own template file)
! database alterations (not for new installs) is causing an issue due to the large number of queries at one time -> needs a delay & progress bar similar to smf upgrade (this is necessary due to improper table allocations in older version including those developed prior to my coding contributions)



Ideas come from thoughts, and portraying those thoughts into actions is what we try to do. We all have our niche in what we've learned using SMF, it's those that what to create something outside the box is who I like to learn from.

Your dedication with this game is awesome, Thanks

Chen Zhen

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