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Eh Portal v1.29 Released!

Started by Chen Zhen, September 20, 2020, 02:40:32 PM

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Chen Zhen

Eh Portal v1.29

You must uninstall any previous version of Eh Portal prior to commencing this installation.

EhPortal 1.29
! Fixed null return value of SSI board stats for guests
! Fixed HTML for user info block

EhPortal 1.28
+ added desktop/mobile display option for blocks
+ added additional css for mobile display
+ added SMF Arcade 2.6(+) scores option to shoutbox settings
+ updated HTML output to be HTML5 compliant
! adjusted container width for mobile/responsive shoutbox
! fixed duplicate style attributes added to copyright
! fixed position of title bars & cat bars for mobile/responsive display
! fixed missing database key columns for installer
! fixed shoutbox refresh & shout entries (new refresh range -> 0 = disabled | 10 to 600 seconds)
! fixed shoutbox audio
! fixed calendar block

Eh Portal is now fully HTML5 compliant (literal tables changed to div css tables).
It uses mobile detection and a bootstrap to adjust any of SMF's or a modification's HTML5 to be mobile friendly.

If you come across a popular mod, theme or SMF itself that still causes any mobile display issues please report it in this board.