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Cover it Live

Started by Fog, June 12, 2014, 09:10:34 PM

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I have an account with cover it Live and it's a live chat room that I use during sporting events.  Right now I have it setup so that our NASCAR Fans can talk about the race on race day.

What I'm looking to is be able to have our users use their username and password from my SMF site.

But I can't seem to connect the two and the support gal told me, "You will need to create an endpoint available on the Internet which can validate our authorization request."

Then gave me an example:

$user = $_POST["dilbson_ngs_members_member_name"];
$passwd = $_POST["dilbson_ngs_members_member_passwd"];

// Connect to your database and check to see if $user and $password
// match an account you want to grant access to
// if the user should be allowed to log in:
$valid = 1;
// if they're not valid:
$valid = 0;

// optionally, you can pass through an avatar url
// $avatarURL = urlencode("http://example.com/images/avatar.jpg");

$result = "&CIL_VALID=$valid&CIL_USERNAME=$user&CIL_AVATAR=$avatarURL";
print $result;

Needless to say I'm still a bit confused on what I need to do.

Any Help would be great.

Chen Zhen

So you want to use an external API that requires name & p/w to relay the information which will then be used on your SMF site?


Quote from: Napalm on June 12, 2014, 10:40:01 PM
So you want to use an external API that requires name & p/w to relay the information which will then be used on your SMF site?

I want to use our members SMF user name and password to login and post on Cover It Live.


Down towards the bottom you'll see "login" and when you click on it a pop up box appears and you can use your Face Book info or NGS Forums Login info.  I get an error when I try and use my NGS login info.

Chen Zhen

For one thing your forum is not using valid SSH and you are attempting to pass sensitive information (your user passwords) to what I assume is another insecure connection.

May I suggest that you add to the form within your existing user settings area for alternate Cover It Live login info?


Napalm, this is where I lack knowledge with "VERBAGE"   :(

This is where I think this maybe a bigger tweak than I thought.

But if FB can create a button that allows a user to use their FB id, I should be able to use their SMF user info in the same fashion as they have it setup for FB.

But like I said, It's probably a bigger tweak than I thought.

Just thinking outside the box...

Chen Zhen

  I have never used any FB modification although this template has something built in for it (I have it disabled).
Does the FB mod you speak of not have something in a users profile to enter that information?
It must because people would not be using the same name + p/w combo across multiple sites.
I don't mind writing something basic for you but I really suggest that you have your users use an input in their profile for that site.

  I will have a look at their API instruction to see the various methods they use to auto transfer that data. Imo better to use Curl or something similar but I will have to take a gander.