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Radio Show

Started by Fog, July 21, 2014, 10:40:48 PM

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UD, I have a couple members that have their own radio show and have been recording them and sending me their shows to post on my site.

Will this be able to play big mp3 files?

Plus they want to stream some stuff too, will this work with that idea?

Chen Zhen

As long as it is a mp3 file the app will play it without issue for those that have the Adobe Flash Player installed on their computer.
However keep in mind that most current mobile users will not be able to use the app because those (recent) devices do not support the Adobe flash player.  Also the download routine does not work on mobile devices either.
People with laptops and computers should have no issues.

I intend to add an option to choose an alternate player & download routine that will work with mobile devices but as of late I have not had the inclination to dabble with development in general.

If a mobile type player is desired at this time I suppose you can use the BBC mod I recently developed along with 3rd party HTML of some sort. You will just need to have the mp3 available on a publicly accessible url.



For using Flash on Android Mobile Devices you can do a search on Google to find the .apk file for your Android version. There are also a number of Android browsers and other apps that have it pre-installed so you can view/play flash music or videos.