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No Spammer Info At SFS

Started by Skhilled, August 14, 2014, 11:19:57 AM

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I can see in the admin at my forum that spammers are being blocked but no info in my account at SFS.com. It says zero spammers have been blocked.

Lately, a few have gotten in but I assumed they were not bots and were actual humans. But it shows some were blocked in the blacklist.

BTW, the smileys are not showing here atm....

Chen Zhen

The mod does not send any data to sfs. It just uses their spammer list to detect them and will ban those ip's from using your site for the amount of time you opti n its settings.

The smileys are working for me atm  ;D
Btw I do not have wysiwyg editor enabled here if that is what you mean.


Ah! That is why...

Now I do see the smileys. When I used the normal reply it just showed the text and the images were missing. They are showing now.