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ok thank you
What are these functions for?

Enable HTML Block or PHP block/Page Escape Filter

particularly "Page Escape Filter"

the translation in French doesn't really give me the explanation of these functions, could you explain it differently please?

thank you
sometimes pictures speak better than words.
Here are some screens.

First of all, what you told me to do--
create an htaccess under apache after I did:
Delete: Remove any configuration files located in the directory.

But there are two problems:
1: You recommend installing the Mod Header.
What is it? and does it self-install when you install the arcade mod?
And if not, where to get it?

2: we created an htaccess file, but where should it be? I can't find it anywhere?

Then the error that always appears the same...

then proof that the chmod in the games folder is 777.

And the error log.

Sorry to answer so late
Actually, with beta 11, I can't load games anymore.

I am told that my "Games" folder is not writable and the CHMOD has failed. Please make it manually writable.

While I put everything in 777 with the recursion of subfolders and apply to all folders and files.
for github, I didn't understand anything, there are a lot of files that always modify the same script...arcade.php

And besides, installing new games, made me appear full of error messages.
So I uninstalled it.
Maybe I'll see you soon.
In fact, only the donkeykong settles but doesn't work, the others return the same error.
So I did what you told me to do, I unzipped the .tar and created a .zip
I checked the html5 box in the admin panel of the arcade.
and when I try to load it by the "browse" button, it doesn't load it.
If I "drop" it, it downloads it to my computer.

Then I uncheck the html5 box.
The game has loaded, I installed it... but it doesn't work ... :(
good morning,
I'm currently on a SMF 2.0.17 forum.
and the arcade mod 2.56.12
When I try to install these games:


It returns this error to me:
File failed to load: 0 byte file

while others have settled in without a problem.
What do I have to do to get the games installed?

For your information, I tried by checking and unchecking the "Use HTML5 Upload Script" checkbox.

Thank you in advance for your help.
In fact it was my forum that was all wrong.
So I redid it all and it works now.
Site Discussion / Re: Happy Birthday, Chen!
April 23, 2020, 03:28:05 PM
happy birthday chen :)
yet here I have no problem playing games... Strange?????
Good evening, everyone,
I have this error that appears when I click on a game:

"You need to enable javascript in order to play games."

However, javascript is enabled in my browser...
What's wrong then?
Thanks in advance for your help ;)