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double high score entry

Started by digidown, November 21, 2021, 07:56:06 AM

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double high score entry ???

Thanks very much

Chen Zhen

I can see 2 entries with the same name but do they both show the exact time & score?
Some games are incorrectly coded for saving the score but the Arcade is designed to detect & thwart such an occurrence.

Can you upload the game here in this thread for testing?

Chen Zhen

I found this game on your Arcade and looked at the scores.
It is Yeti Sports Albatross Overload.

The scores are not duplicates, they are different scores with different score times.

If you want to set it up so that a user can only have one score per game or a specific number of scores per game then you need to go to Arcade settings and set the number of allowed scores per game from the setting: "Maximum Scores (per player per game)".
A setting of 0 makes it unlimited and this is the default setting until you change it.



doesn't work properly  :-\
I set Maximum Scores (per player per game) to 1
now users are always displayed twice

what's wrong with that

Chen Zhen

This is fixed in the upcoming release (if I understand your report correctly). We're working on some other things so I'm not able to give an approx. release date.