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Azure API & Uninstalled games

Started by Dave, December 19, 2021, 04:42:22 AM

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I have set up the Azure API and input all the data to the arcade settings, api.PNG
(I have shortened the subs key)

I was under the impression that the app would translate the game info from the php file 'gwords' description to english.

Am I wrong? If so could the reason be that when creating the API I set it up as Linux rather than Windows or that I'm using 'UK South' as the region code?

Uninstalled games:

When I uninstall a game now the name of the game is not shown in the info window. It does when a game is installed.



PS I've done these both on the same post so as not keep posting.

Chen Zhen

I'll look at the second report.
The translation script was adjusted for the upcoming version & may fix your problem.
Check your PM

Chen Zhen

You have to use the region code name that contains no spaces.
I don't see uksouth on the first list but you can try it else try uk or ukwest.



Well I went back into this and found that although I could have sworn I seleted the translator correctly I hadn't. Also I didn't see the end point code on my first visit. After sitting here and reading and now reset all the settings to what I think is correct I'm still not getting the translator to work.
Again I have attached a screen shot of the current settings, if anyone has set theirs up already can you have a quick look at the image and see what I might have wrong please?

NOTE: I did see that there are 2 endpoint codes but only copied in the first one on the list. Again I have edited some of the code, but anyone looking who knows about it should be able to tell if I'm using the correct type of code in each box.

Thanks for any help.


Chen Zhen

The endpoint is supposed to be the web address for the Azure translator service.
The API path is supposed to be the expected path on that website.

When you applied for the subscription, it should have given you those specific values.
Try to use the defaults for those 2 top settings by checking the [Auto-Fill Default API Endpoint & Path Settings] option and then save it. Remember these have to be V3 code(s). They give you 2 of them when you subscribe.