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Mobile compatibility

Started by Dave, August 14, 2021, 05:35:23 AM

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Ok, after checking things out I've realized that my assumption of putting the skins, css, etc. in the arcade's /Theme directory was because I first took a look at the arcade's zip file which includes an actual /Themes. After looking at a live site it dawned on me that those files actually go into SMF's /Theme/default...duh! I think I was tired when I checked and wasn't paying attention. LOL

However, it may make sense for the arcade to have a /Skins directory with everything in it on a live site. It would make it easier to tell the difference between skins and lists from a coding perspective. For instance, SkinA would be:

/root-forum-directory/Arcade/SkinA/scripts ...etc.

This would be for each skin to keep them separated. It would increase the number of files on a site, tho...


Did you get any further with this that you can share Steve?


Sorry, with working extra hours (6-7 days), the holidays, and some server issues I've been way too busy to even look at it. LOL

Things are finally settling down a bit but Xmas is around the corner. LMAO

EDIT: I also need to redo my forum so everything's updated...


Quote from: Skhilled on December 01, 2021, 10:45:17 PMEDIT: I also need to redo my forum so everything's updated...

Yes I completely understand. I'm no good at major coding so I can't even begin to understand what UD was talking about hooks etc.

I have just rebuilt my site because of issues and now I'm quite pleased with the result but when I access the site on my tablet it doesn't work well. I then use the 'Show as Desktop' setting in the browser and it's better. Apparently the mobile detect mod on the SMF site works with some code changes but I wouldn't know where to start.

Anyway, take care and have a peaceful Christmas.


Is that for the entire site or just the arcade? You can press F12 and choose a mobile size for your tablet's size and adjust the settings according in the css so it looks better on the tablet and it won't affect the desktop or other mobile sizes.

Not sure which smf version you are using but 2.0 sucks for mobile. 2.1 is way better and much easier to make changes. The only problem with it is they've grouped too many of the classes and styles together and you may have to separate them to get exactly what you want.

As far as the skins go, I'm playing with it right now. My biggest problem is getting used to seeing the styles/classes in the arcade's files and not in the css files. It keeps throwing me off. LOL

EDIT: Hard to figure out what styles/classes are in which arcade files using the web dev tools.


Quote from: Skhilled on December 12, 2021, 07:30:42 PMIs that for the entire site or just the arcade?

The entire site on SMF 2.0. I have a test site thats running 2.1 and I agree. I was convinced I had done something that was affecting the site in various ways so I backed everything up and just deleted the whole site and started again  with a fresh install.

I think one of my issues is with my choice of themes that I like, the current one 'Curve Reborn' uses a lot of JS and another one I like 'Lamartine' has the same. The only one that seems to work OK without issues is Crips 'Cleantek 20g' but that's proably becuase there is very small amount of JS in it, I'm using it on my other site and wanted Quizland to be different.

I may play with that next year and see if I can change the colours etc to get it to be something like what I'm after.

Good luck with the theme Steve and have a great Christmas and New Year


Chen Zhen

@Skhilled; re. arcade mobile skin/list

You can always change style to class and then include a custom css file.
Sometimes JavaScript is used to change the style directly though.
You can edit it so the class is changed instead for that scenario and provide the alternate classes.
ie. for orientation changes, etc.


Dave, thanks and the same to you and your family! :)

Chen, I just need time to really go over the files so I can see what is going and then go from there. Lately, I've only been briefly looking at things when time permits. LOL I hate it when I'd like to start something but too many other things get in the way.  >:(