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Zhen Mailer v1.22

Started by Chen Zhen, June 04, 2018, 11:00:32 PM

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Chen Zhen

Zhen Mailer

Version 1.22

This installation process will add the following:

-> STARTTLS-SMTP compatibility for use of 3rd party email providers (SMF 2.0.X branch)
-> Database dumps that are forwarded to the webmaster email
-> Attachment backups to the webmaster email as they are posted
-> Options to encrypt any email attachments as compressed zip archives (requires PHP 7.2+ & ZipArchive)

Compatibility notes:
- PHP version 5.5 with the openssl PHP extension enabled is the minimum requirement for STARTTLS-SMTP compatibility
- ZipArchive extension is required for compression of any attachment backups
- PHP version 7.2+ with the ZipArchive extension is required for any archive encryption
- cURL extension is required for the scheduled database dumps option

This will allow your forum to use SMTP email using gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail.
PHP version 7.2+, ZipArchive & cURL extensions are recommended to make full use of this modification.

Updated CA certificates are required for your forum to communicate with email providers using the STARTTLS SMTP extension.
Example settings for your php.ini file may be:
openssl.cafile = /etc/ssl/cacert.pem
curl.cainfo = /etc/ssl/cacert.pem

You can download the latest cacert.pem file here:

Although it is not mandatory, a mail user named "members" should be created for BCC bulk emails.
SMTP port 587 is recommended.

Zhen Mailer for Simple Machines Forum
c/o Chen Zhen @ web-develop.ca
@license   http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html GNU Lesser General Public License
@copyright 2018 Chen Zhen

3rd Party Usage:
PHPMailer - PHP email creation and transport class.
@license   http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html GNU Lesser General Public License
@author    Marcus Bointon (Synchro/coolbru) <phpmailer@synchromedia.co.uk>
@copyright 2012 - 2017 Marcus Bointon

Shuttle-Export c/o 2createStudio
PHP based MySQL dump library
@license   http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html GNU Lesser General Public License
@copyright 2015 - 2017 2createStudio

Version History

! added extra logic for scheduled db backup flag

- removed redundant warning from install message
+ filtered signature in admin to not allow special characters
! remove any existing email signature to allowing ZhenMailer to override
! fixed missing argument in uniqidNameZhenMailer() function

+ using modified SMF smtp_mail function for general emails on the SMF 2.0.X branch

+ added ability to create database dumps that are forwarded to the webmaster email address
+ added ability to schedule database dumps (using cURL)
+ added ability to forward new attachments to the webmaster email address
+ files & hooks added for various functions
+ modification renamed to Zhen Mailer
+ added options to enable/disable log actions and errors
+ added specific xml editing for SMF 2.1.X branch (STARTTLS-SMTP usage only)
& language file changes

+ alters ../Sources/Subs-Post.php to allow the use of the STARTTLS SMTP extension
+ alters ../Sources/ManageMail.php to add STARTTLS-SMTP option to the mail type drop-down & an option
+ alters ../Sources/ScheduledTasks.php to allow the use of STARTTLS-SMTP with the mail queue
+ adds template + language files for a STARTTLS-SMTP email signature (needed due to Gmail signature not working for SMTP)
+ adds ZhenMailer Class package

Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License -> https://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html


Chen Zhen

Please note that this modification can be used for db backups where PHP mail is enabled in your SMF forum.
You will still have to create a 3rd party SMTP email account and add the appropriate SMTP settings in the Admin / Mail section.
You just set your mail setting to PHP and your forum will use your own server for emails but will use the SMTP email for database and file backups.
The db backups will appear in your 3rd party SMTP "sent" folder.