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Started by deansmar, February 16, 2024, 02:57:17 AM

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in the edit Block there are the Display Advanced Options..

under Select Actions not all actions are listed..

to that extent there is the Custom Display Options:

is there any chance to enter multipul actions in the Custom Display Options: window..??

Chen Zhen

You're correct about not all actions being listed as it's outdated & missing any actions added by hooks.
I'll have to correct it to include all available actions.. thanks for the report.
Also some sort of & or && option is needed to force multiple criteria which I will look into for the next release.

You can add multiple actions or sub-actions separated by a comma.
The comma is treated as "OR"



your welcome, any thing to help..

and thank you for the "comma" with out the "space"... 8)  work fine now..

i was using allsorts to try out but always with a space..

will look forward to the next release..  ;)

Chen Zhen

It should automatically remove the space..
I'll have to adjust that as well.