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Eh Portal v1.24

Started by Chen Zhen, January 30, 2019, 09:13:38 PM

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Chen Zhen

Eh Portal v1.24

EhPortal 1.24
! Fixed target density dpi for responsive mobile display
! Fixed overall aesthetics for blocks & titles regarding responsive display
! Fixed shoutbox font-size for responsive display
! Fixed cell widths when responsive display is triggered
! Fixed targeted functions when Eh Portal is in maintenance mode
! Fixed variable shoutbox height (removed fixed css value)
! Fixed version information
! Fixed stand alone php file to include SMF Arcade patch
! Fixed css minify file error during uninstall
! Fixed query newer db table for smileys filename (SMF 2.1 RC1+)
! Fixed default smileys file extensions for shoutbox

Please report any feedback and/or bugs in this support board.

The package is available in the download section.