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EhPortal v1.33 Released!

Started by Chen Zhen, January 01, 2022, 04:28:53 PM

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Chen Zhen

Eh Portal v1.33

You must uninstall any previous version of Eh Portal prior to commencing this installation.

EhPortal 1.33
! Fixed: escape/backslash filter for PHP/HTML block/page code output
! Changed: escape/backslash filter applied to actual block edit

EhPortal 1.32
+ Added: option to disable PHP eval() function in favor of temporary PHP file creation.
+ Added: option to enable an escape/backslash filter for PHP/HTML block/page code output.
+ Added: option to purge PHP block temp folder
! Fixed: admin block settings multi-check
! Changed: moved some block options to block settings

EhPortal 1.31
! Fixed: sp_blocks compatibility for migration from SimplePotal 2.0.18
! Fixed: theme thumbnails for sp_theme_select block
! Fixed: dynamically load datepicker & datepair scripts if not already available

Eh Portal is fully HTML5 compliant.
It uses mobile detection and a bootstrap to adjust any of SMF's or a modification's HTML5 to be mobile friendly.

If you come across a popular mod, theme or SMF itself that still causes any mobile display issues please report it in this board.