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SP-Post/Topic Age v1.0

Started by Chen Zhen, May 16, 2018, 01:28:46 PM

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Chen Zhen

SP-Post/Topic Age v1.0

Download: https://web-develop.ca/index.php?action=downloads;area=stable_simple_portal_plugins;file=50

Gives the ability to adjust the age of topics/posts being displayed as well as amount per board.

Version History:

+ added ../Sources/PortalRecent.php
+ alters code within PortalBlocks.php to use newer routines for displaying topics/posts/topics
+ adds option for age of posts/topics to display (up to 2 years)
+ adds option for amount of posts/topics per board
# mysql/mariadb query needs tweaking via group by (currently 500 max queries) as php was used to restrict total number for data returned


v : Version
! : Bug/error fix
- : Removal of option/function
+ : Additional option/function
# : notation


I did a translation and it's spam for this

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Chen Zhen

Hmm.. some posts still make it past my spam mod.
I'll have to look at them more closely to see what's going on there.
The post I just deleted is in the recycle board but I can't find it at the moment  ???