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Battle 1.0_RC8.0 BETA-UD-X

Started by Chen Zhen, July 20, 2013, 01:05:17 AM

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Chen Zhen

Battle Version: 1.0_RC8.0 BETA-UD-4


+ updated to new copyright (Underdog now current supporting developer)
+ emended version designation(s)
+ uses socket connection for Battle News to retrieve data from WebDev
+ updated/emended general info and credits
+ completed Admin -> Battle Members routine to accept various input and added member list with pages
+ added empty leader board to maintainence
+ added leaderboard sub-routine/template
+ added warnings for no hp to fight/battle
+ added warnings for low hp during battle
+ added various methods for query/display of members/warriors
+ added default checkbox/sub-routine for member/warrior entries
+ added default settings option for warrior stats
+ added more images for various functions
+ added more monster images
! changed modification language edits to Battle language files
! added help text file with language variables
! separated admin language variables
! added index.php files to image directories
! fixed template files
! fixed source files
! fixed occurrences of duplicate function names
! all battle scenarios scroll to battle screen
! double links will not show when all in battle die
! fixed upgrade issue concerning unwarranted negative stat points(penalty still in place for url cheating)
! language changes and additions (note: translators need to update their files)
! members slain stat updated for opposing user when battle is lost
! if both die in same battle history is updated accordingly
! winning in battle increases experience points
! changed to custom php pagination routine where applicable (admin and battle)

  I have not had the chance to rebuild/edit all the source files as of yet. There is code I changed and edited which is tidy but other existing code is still looking messy but I will be fixing that for the next beta. The only thing I am concerned about regarding this beta release is for when it grabs all member data whereas I will probably change the code for that in one of the next releases. SA's page routine was not working properly so I changed it with my own custom routine but mine puts all the data in an array at one time.. this may be an issue for when it has to load an entire member list from a forum with thousands of members.. The other usages of the pagination will not matter as I do not think anyone is going to add thousands of entries for items, quests, etc.

  Test it out and let me know how it works for you and your users.



This shows up on your profile...

It maybe on my end....

It shows the stat twice when viewing a profile..

Chen Zhen


  This issue exists in my test forum as well. It is from the edits done to /Themes/default/Profile.template.php  ... however the install file only reflects a single edit that is supposed to be removed during uninstalling, the mod seems to leave the edit in error without reporting it or at least did so once at some point for the both of us. The only option is to manually remove the edit.

Uninstall the mod and then remove this code from  /Themes/default/Profile.template.php:

if ($modSettings['enable_sts_profile'])
<img border="0" src="',$settings['images_url'],'/battle/bomb.png" alt=""/> '.$txt['battle_statsA'].': ',$context['member']['atk'],'
        <br />
        <img border="0" src="',$settings['images_url'],'/battle/shield.png" alt=""/> '.$txt['battle_statsD'].': ',$context['member']['def'],'
        <br />
<a href="', $scripturl, '?action=battle;sa=fight;attack=',$context['member']['id'],'">'.$txt['battle_statsATK'].'</a>


  The beta file in the first post of this thread has been updated.

I removed the above edit and added a different edit to a source file that accomplishes the same thing but in a neater fashion. I have also updated a few other things with the code. Use the new beta3.


That makes sense.

Everything else seems to be working fine.


Just came across something that was a bit odd but it happened to me and to another player.

We were both attacking Underdog and had it down to 1HP when it reset itself to 699HP and had to start over.

Chen Zhen

First post in this thread has been updated to Beta4

  I edited all the code by tabbing it out so I can work with it. While I was at it I changed around the file configuration quite a bit and also lessened the file edits by adding more hooks and language files. I also added more images although I realize you will not be using those as you prefer tanks.

  I have not had that happen to me although I will thoroughly test the explore in an attempt to duplicate the issue.

  Please update so I know we are using the same version.




Wooo Hoooo! I loved testing this mod with Wayne! Glad to see it alive and well.  8)

I found this when you go to Battle Admin:

It shows an incorrect SMF version... I'll look it over a bit more and report back later. :)

EDIT: Battle -> Members page is blank...shows nothing...

A couple of admin pages need editing and I think most of the shop mods listed for this mod are now outdated. One may be still updated and I "think" is now owned by vbGamer45. You may wish to remove the outdated ones. I'll do a check tomorrow and see but time for me to go now.


I'm all updated Underdog...my users are testing out.

Chen Zhen


  The membergroup must have the ability to play Battle. If no membergroup has the permission enabled the member/warrior list will only show admins.
I believe Wayne had some of those mods posted on his site and may still have those files handy. If he does have any that are for Battle specifically I can probably PM those authors on SMF and ask them if I can post them here.

Once I get all the bugs worked out I will be adding new features. Some have been requested plus I have ideas of my own.
For now the next thing I am going to work on is the pagination & mysql query because I realize a lengthy user list (ie. 13000 +) may prove to have issues with the way I did it. This will be easy to fix though & I may finish this part hopefully today.



  The reset thing happened to a couple more players but seems to be random.  I had them post the action part of the url to give us a starting point.


Then my user went on to post this

"Underdog was going up and down like a rollercoaster in health points, 178, then 697, then 423, etc. etc."

Why would there be these settings when adding a monster in the admin section? I never quite understood that.

Monsters Health:
The Monsters Health Value

Then have this

Monsters Max Health:
The Monsters Max Health Value
Once The Monsters Killed
It Resets The Health To This Value


A little FYI...not to concerned about this, I also noticed when I updated the version it change up the profile, it still shows up twice but in two different spots rather than right on top of each other like in the one screen shot.


A user posted this "Still seeing the same energy problem. I had 2 points and couldn't explore. Might just want to fix the statement to, you need more than 2 to explore?"


Quote from: underdog on July 22, 2013, 02:48:50 PM

  The membergroup must have the ability to play Battle. If no membergroup has the permission enabled the member/warrior list will only show admins.
I believe Wayne had some of those mods posted on his site and may still have those files handy. If he does have any that are for Battle specifically I can probably PM those authors on SMF and ask them if I can post them here.

No, I mean a completely blank screen...no forum or anything. Maybe it did not install properly...

EDIT: I installed it on a different forum and it worked. Something must have went screwy during install. Must be something on that test forum cause it works at Docskillz...

Chen Zhen


  Please make sure to always uninstall and delete older versions prior to installing a newer version. 

  I no longer have the issue you speak of regrading duplicate text in the user profile. If you are having an issue parsing the edit I spoke of before then upload your /Themes/default/Profile.template.php file to tiny upload and post the link. This way I can edit the file for you so you do not see this behavior. I will look at the other issues you describe later tonight when I have time (I would have done this today but I made your portal pages plugin instead). The newer version does not make any edits to that template as it is now done via $context from a source file.


  I tested it quickly on your live forum as well (and uninstalled it immediately afterward) and saw that it worked as expected. Your SMF 2.0.2 issue must be because you tested it on a SMF 2.0.2 install that was updated with patches. The template that displays that info gets the version from the SMF settings table. To verify my hypothesis check out that install again and look at the SMF version from you admin support information. Unless of course it somehow double checks for patches in which case I suppose I will have to do the same.


I'm with you on the uninstall and delete part...I hadn't edited the profile template yet and saw that it moved and wasn't sure you meant to move it or not but rather an FYI that it did move.  I just got done updating the profile temp so everything is all good.  I should have worded my post last night a little differently, sorry.

We've been adding monsters...

I have one guy that just hit the 500 level today from my restart on Sunday.

These guys had the glitch with Monsters resetting themselves but one member did comment that he noticed another user making a monster kill at the same time....who knows if battling the same monster at the same time another member is battling makes it reset.

This is an example of what my guys are doing to help:

Quote from: Arasmis on July 23, 2013, 11:45:19 AM
I can't access more than the current page of the "shout" history.  Anyone else able to go back to page 2?

Khep answered that he can't either.

They have been playing the game for a while now so they have seen differences and know how to point them out.

I don't want to send you a ton of little things but want to make sure I'm give you info that helps refine the game.

Overall: The game plays fine in most parts and we're not seeing errors....

Chen Zhen

[SMF MOD] Battle_RC1.0_RC8.0_BETA-UD-5

Here is another beta version:


! pagination + mysql query adjusted for user lists (admin -> warriors and battle -> battle)
! changed page= to battle_page= in url due to conflict with ie. Simple Portal page designations
! navigating battle pages keeps order and sorting

  I did not look at any other issues today and was focused on the pagination of the member list. You two will not see any difference as it will only be noticeable to someone with a lengthy user list.


  You will need to update to this beta because of a conflict with the other SP mod I just developed for you. Beta5 resolves that conflict as it now uses a different name for its pages. (battle_page=)



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