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New error appeared

Started by Dave, July 01, 2023, 02:21:00 AM

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Hi Chen,

I have a new error on the portal.

It showed itself when I deactivated the arcade and quiz reset countdown block. Thinking it was just a glitch I deleted the block altogether but the error is still there. It seems to multiply every time you go from the forum to the portal page

Screenshots attached


The error seems to have gone. Not sure if you did it or if it was me yesterday doing a regular maintenance sweep. But away the error doesn't show anymore.

Chen Zhen

I didn't have a chance to look at it yet. I was going to look at how your arcade was disabled while arcade type blocks weren't to see if that was the problem.

Chen Zhen

This is an error from a custom PHP block.

Since you have EhPortal set to not use eval() it creates temporary php files.
Temp files are usually erased unless there is an error then they will remain until you manually perform portal maintenance.

So do you see the first line of the error? It shows the temporary file name and the line number that caused the error.
Open the file and find the line that caused the error then you can likely trace what the problem was.

Although I do see temp files in that directory at the moment (12 of them), I don't see the one that caused the error.
Did you already perform EhPortal maintenance to delete those temp files when you had an issue?

Chen Zhen

BTW - I just purged your temp blocks path because most of those files were from me.
Regardless, the file in your error report image wasn't there before I did that.


If I'm honest I've never purged anything in the portal, I didn't know I had to. Maybe, as previously mentioned, I did the SMF maintenance that cleared it, because after doing that the error never repeated.

Thanks again for looking and the the tidy up