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Started by Chen Zhen, June 13, 2018, 12:57:43 am

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Chen Zhen

re. Arcade v2.56.04
Arcade news still shows it needs an update when the updated version is installed.
The only changes I made for that are in the javascript file that it scrapes from my website.
I should be able to fix it on my end without an update to the Arcade.


This did not show up as a new topic on the board. The only way I knew it was there is looking at the info center...

Chen Zhen

If anyone was using their Arcade admin today, you would have noticed javascript alert boxes popping up.
I apologize for that but I was testing out retrieving the version number from the referring Arcade.
This is fixed & should now show the proper news notification regarding needing an update or not.

Chen Zhen

Also.. it was done here on my site.
There is not an update to the Arcade for this fix.