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Some Ideas

Started by NightFyre, November 20, 2018, 01:55:23 PM

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Hello! I have some ideas/suggestions that I'm going to throw out there. I'm not sure what all would be possible, but here we go.

The ability to order the items in the Shop, or to automatically sort by stat/number.

Items to put in the shop that increases max stats. Limit the number of times they can be purchased per player, amount set by an admin.

Raid boss that all players can attack together. Either randomly found while exploring, spawned by an admin, spawns at a specific time set in the options, and/or spawned after a specific quest is completed. Could also add the ability to set a timer to defeat the boss before the time runs out or it escapes.

Have monsters drop items as loot. Loot table.

Add probability of custom explore events for how often they can appear.

Custom events option to be a random event that happens with no yes/no option available (the "Ok or No Thanks")

Thank you for your time!



loot tables sounds great, having rare or unique drops from monsters would be pretty cool.