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Eh Portal v1.28

You must uninstall any previous version of Eh Portal prior to commencing this installation.

EhPortal 1.28
+ added desktop/mobile display option for blocks
+ added additional css for mobile display
+ added SMF Arcade 2.6(+) scores option to shoutbox settings
+ updated HTML output to be HTML5 compliant
! adjusted container width for mobile/responsive shoutbox
! fixed duplicate style attributes added to copyright
! fixed position of title bars & cat bars for mobile/responsive display
! fixed missing database key columns for installer
! fixed shoutbox refresh & shout entries (new refresh range -> 0 = disabled | 10 to 600 seconds)
! fixed shoutbox audio
! fixed calendar block

Eh Portal is now fully HTML5 compliant (literal tables changed to div css tables).
It uses mobile detection and a bootstrap to adjust any of SMF's or a modification's HTML5 to be mobile friendly.

If you come across a popular mod, theme or SMF itself that still causes any mobile display issues please report it in this board.
I can tell you removed the sub-directory forum already as I just uploaded & installed 2 games on your forum without a problem.

This very same thing happened to me.
I used to be able to have child test forums off of the main one in the past but Imo something with how SMF does their cookies won't allow it without problems.
You can play around with the cookie settings all you want but it won't work properly.
The best way to have test forums that works is to create new forums in your DNS, Apache config settings & registrar.
My current VPS host allows me to create/control my own reverse DNS entries as well which is great.

Other than that you can just do local testing.
I use Wampserver where I updated the SSL, MariaDB & PHP to current for proper testing.

The maxredirect=10 is something I tried a few days ago and it is already removed.

I don't see anything else related to the arcade
The upload script works on 2 local test forums (SMF 2.1 & SMF 2.0).
It works here on this forum (SMF 2.1) and I just tested it on doc skhills (smf 2.0).
All of them are using RC7 for the latest arcade version.

Imo something is not right with your Apache settings.
Also note that having a test forum in a child directory of that forum will cause cookie problems for both forums.
I've been through that myself.
You can try looking at your actual php error log from your website control panel (ie. CPanel, Plesk, etc.).
Try to see if there are errors from the arcade files within the last day.
Any error messages there might give us a clue as to what is causing the upload script to fail.

I tried uninstalling all your other mods to see if something was conflicting but had the same issue.
Then I just tried to go back to RC6 of the arcade but same problem.

RC7 works fine when I test uploading games via the HTML5 script in on SMF 2.0 & SMF2.1.

The one thing I keep seeing on your forum is some sort of cookie/session issue.
It repeatedly boots me out.

I tried messing with your cookie settings but it didn't fix it so I put them back to the default (the way it was before I made changes for a test).

In my opinion it's a cookie problem with your forum itself.
The HTML5 uploader splits a file into chunks so it can do large files because most HTML5 games are bigger than most flash games.
So in the background it's reloading the same page several times.
In doing that your forum is likely logging the user (you/me) out.

Something in your Apache settings has gone awry.
Also if you recently installed/enabled mod security you need to disable it.
The arcade will not work properly with that enabled.


I see one of your mods invokes an jquery load via document.write.
It is showing on the game upload page and might be causing a problem.

What is the most recent mod you installed before seeing these errors?

There is something wrong with your cookie settings because a few times now I have had trouble logging in.

Are you running any sub-forums (testing or live) off of the main forum path?
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: 2 servers
September 13, 2020, 10:15:15 PM

I already fixed it.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: 2 servers
September 13, 2020, 05:22:57 PM

Alright I figured out why the HTML5 games were not loading.
It had something to do with one of the directives that your Apache setup didn't like.
It is likely something I need to rewrite to make it behave properly.

The only other thing I see is that your flash game does not work in popup or fullscreen.
I will have to test things to see why that is happening.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: 2 servers
September 13, 2020, 04:18:58 PM

It looks like a .htaccess or Apache configuration problem but I am not sure.
If you have a .htaccess in your main forum directory, please remove it temporarily so we can test that scenario.

It says too many redirects in the game container & that is why they don't show.
The arcade only initiates the inner frame once so I do not know why it is doing that.
The only thing I can think of at the moment is Apache is being directed to reload the container in a loop due to a mis-configuration. This is just a guess at this point because it is the only error I see.

Also you do not have a compatible cache accelerator installed.
Although that should not affect the arcade because docskillz does not have one either and the arcade works fine on skhilled's site.

SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: 2 servers
September 13, 2020, 01:08:55 PM
It works for me locally & here on WebDev.
Also the other testers have not reported that version as not working.

I can not figure out what is wrong when you only say it is not working.
Why not set up an admin account for me on your site so I can at least see what is happening?
That way I can check the error log myself, adjust arcade settings, etc.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: 2 servers
September 13, 2020, 09:43:45 AM

Uninstall whichever version you are using and then install the version available here:;area=stable_smf_arcade_rc_/_beta
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: Game for arcade
September 13, 2020, 09:41:00 AM
Ya that works great!

Thank you.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: 2 servers
September 12, 2020, 05:24:38 PM
QuoteGuess it's time to remove the forum.

Testing/debugging requires patience.
It is impossible for me alone to see & test all scenarios on my own.
This is the purpose of beta/rc testers.
Also the arcade is a fairly complex modification.
If we can get it working well for all the rc/beta testers then the stable version should have little trouble.

Please uninstall RC2 if you are still using it & install Arcade RC3.

If you are still having problems, do the following:

To delete the .htaccess file in your Games folder navigate to:

Admin -> Arcade Admin -> Arcade Maintenance -> X-Frame

Click on the radio button for "Delete: Remove any configuration files located in the Games directory." and then click on the "Option" button.

Let me know if this fixes the problem.
If it does then I would still like admin permission so I can make the .htaccess file work for your forum environment.