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Spamblocker / Re: Spam Blocker Modification for SMF
June 19, 2020, 01:49:34 am

This is compatible with SMF 2.0.17.

For flash games the arcade should already accept phpbb games.
For HTML5 games you have to edit the games themselves to add this save type. Also a proper config file is needed to tell the arcade of the save type.

Your other solution for me to adjust the arcade for phpbb HTML5 games is better. I am still waiting for you to upload some sample games for me to test.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: Auto Score Reset
June 17, 2020, 07:34:14 am

The newer version of the arcade has a maintenance option to purge scores. This mod is no longer relevant.

Great that should work out much better for you instead of the current stable.
With the beta packages, check back here every few weeks or so to see if I release another beta.
I will likely be releasing one this weekend.
A stable version is very close but there are still some things to work out and my time for development is a little sparse.
Too much to do around the house plus I have been working this whole time during the Covid-19 outbreak so I get a bit tired.

I will keep your requests in a to-do list but the next stable version is overdue so I have to work on getting it out without adding anything else. The change log is already very lengthy.

Spamblocker / Re: SMF 2.0.14 Error
June 01, 2020, 02:50:57 pm

No it's the Spam Police mod.
It usually just stops new people from posting if they post links.
I will look into adjusting its settings.

The script for uploading is working fine on this site & doc skillz which is why I failed to see the issue.
Recently I created 2 fresh test forums (using both SMF versions) and have found there is an issue with the upload script.

What you can do until it is fixed is use FTP to upload the compressed game files to your "Games" directory.
From that point you can install the games from the Arcade admin section & they should work fine.
This issue will be fixed in the upcoming release.

Thank you for reporting the problem.

Also 755 permission setting is very important rather than 777.
For it to work correctly you need the proper ownership set on the forum directory in the first place.
Your forum directory should be set to apache ownership.
The command to set that will depend on your Distro.
Although if you have a control panel such as Plesk or CPanel, there should be an option to set that or fix ownership & permissions.


The Arcade utility you referenced in #1 creates the .htaccess file for you.
In your case you you click on the Apache option & press save.
It puts the .htaccess file in the Games directory.
If you think the .htaccess file it creates is causing the problem then you can use the delete option to remove it.
Again, this only concerns a .htaccess file located in your Games directory.

Try what Skhilled suggests regarding permissions and ownership.
Something is awry with your settings if it is not letting website PHP files access folders or adjust permissions.
Although the line you referenced checks if it's writable to begin with.

Try using Arcade maintenance from your admin section for creating a .htaccess file for X-Frame same origin.
Select the Apache option and save the setting.

If this does not work it is possible that you previously created the file & it is causing problems.
If this is the case you can use the option on that page to remove the file.

Does the beta release allow you to install games now?

You can use the beta version that I attached to another post in this board if you wish to do that.
I will leave it available for a few days & then remove the file.
I wasn't sure if you knew how to deal with GitHub packages.
You can't just install it from the downloaded zip that you get from their site because it has sub-directories that the SMF installer does not take into account.

v2.5.7 of the arcade does deal with responsive layout although it is still in need of much work.
Mainly at this point the mobile games list template does not look proper in the SMF 2.0 branch but the game template is fine.

I will attach the beta here for a few days before removing it to make it easier for you.
Let me know if it fixes your game install problem.

I fixed a lot of things in the latest beta although there are still many things pending.
You are welcome to try the latest beta which is available from my GitHub repositories.
Look for SMF Arcade 2.57

All the mods on that page are not updated but the Arcade is as of last night.

With that version of the arcade try not to use the .gz file download.
Opt zip or tar but do not use tar.gz ... it has an issue with larger files.
Always use the HTML5 upload script if possible.
Let me know if that solved the problem.

I can't give you a time frame because there are many pending things to work out.