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Quote from: Chen Zhen on November 21, 2020, 05:21:18 PMAlso you still have your forum set to ISO-8859-1 whereas I mentioned before that your database should be set to UTF-8 Unicode ci & your forum to be set to UTF-8 (and converted).

You seem to be ignoring this even though it's stated during installation, on the arcade info page & I've also mentioned it directly a few times now.
For some reason you don't seem to understand the importance of having your forum set up to use UTF-8 when hosting these HTML5 games.
This will cause problems with some games and should be done prior to reporting any other issues.
The arcade has a setting for the url, ensure its root url (prior to /Games) is set to your canonical url.
Magical Driving does not work because your SMF setting for the browser character set is ISO-8859-1.
The Arcade does insert the meta tag into the head of the document which is where it should be.
I believe another mod is also inserting the tag so perhaps it does not like 2 of the same meta tags so it just gives that generalized warning.

What I can do is either have a setting for the meta tag or make JavaScript insert it if the same one does not exist.
However this has nothing to do with your game not working.
The game has JavaScript containing Hindi including variable names.

JavaScript is a client side language that the browser interprets in the character set of the page.

In this case, Daniel's SMF forum is set to ISO-8859-1 which means its pages are rendered as such. It can't decipher the Unicode characters in one of that game's files and throws an error.

The solution is for Daniel to set SMF to UTF-8 and then convert the database to UTF-8. He previously stated that he converted the actual DB tables to UTF-8 Unicode ci so I assume that step has been completed already. It's a 3 step process but looks as though only the 1st step was completed.
Also you still have your forum set to ISO-8859-1 whereas I mentioned before that your database should be set to UTF-8 Unicode ci & your forum to be set to UTF-8 (and converted).
EhPortal Support / Re: Right side block
November 21, 2020, 05:14:50 PM
I will look into this problem & thanks for the report.
EhPortal Support / Re: Shoutbox sound
November 21, 2020, 05:13:37 PM

It should only sound if another member posts in it.
The sound will not go off for you when you post something yourself although it should for other members.

In my opinion something is conflicting and perhaps another mod with improper code.
Use trial & error by uninstalling one mod at a time & then go back to your arcade to see if the problem is resolved.
Start with Simple Spoiler.
Quote from: Daniel Hofverberg on November 21, 2020, 06:43:38 AMFor all pages in the Arcade, the Console also displays this warning:
"The Content Security Policy 'upgrade-insecure-requests' was delivered via a <meta> element outside the document's <head>, which is disallowed. The policy has been ignored."

But I assume that has nothing to do with the problem with this particular game?

If you look at the console log in this arcade (SMF 2.1) or perhaps on Ronald's Arcade (SMF 2.0.17) you will see that this error does not occur.
It is likely from another mod you have installed that has the meta tag displaying on all or many pages of your website.

Can I see a link to your arcade so I can test playing the game on your website?

Are you uploading it using the HTML5 script?
There is a setting to enable that in your ACP.

The upload container looks like this:


Yes you are correct as I had forgotten about changing the table name for the shouts.
If you are able to shout without problems & the setting is indeed enabled to shout scores then it should be working.
Are there errors in the Javascript console log from the user account (session) making a new score that is posted?

It seems to be working when I test it on WebDev.

It should be working as I don't see any issues with it at the moment.

The shoutbox has been changed from when it was E-Arcade to a javascript + ajax auto refresh.
However it uses the same database table.

Does your shoutbox still have shouts in it from when you used E-Arcade?
Perhaps try clearing the shoutbox contents in the Arcade maintenance section & then try it again.
If you have that enabled and saved in arcade settings the member scores should be posted to the arcade shoutbox. Arena and guest scores also have a setting for it.