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Thnx for your comment, and take your time

I have tested this several times and sorry if I got the script weghaal everything works perfectly. but I await your response or possibly a solution

Johannnes  ;) ;) ;)

When I got the script which is used to make scores scrolling in the annex work my games anymore. Then he asks if I want to turn on javascript. I turn off the script works everything. How could I change the script because to use SMF forum.

SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: Shout Scores
October 14, 2013, 04:51:28 PM
I've really taken the time, and it works really super all. I have to thank you for really super really the right information. I have been using it anyway succeeded. Seemed as Another time thank you so much for your effort.

I'm really happy with it.

Greetings and thanks for everything

SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: Shout Scores
October 14, 2013, 04:42:21 AM
Hello underdog,

I first off all like the shoutbox. The new version installed. If I play a game and submit points, there will be two reports to be that I have achieved. Many points Furthermore is now the name of the game to stand, that's a completely different face, so what would I now need to get the game played? The picture And can I only get a message or I did something wrong.

I also think it's super awesome that you got this done. For this super thanks from me.

greetings Johannnes
Hello Underdog,
I had a question for you, how can I get this bar in the middle, if I put it on my 24 inch monitor then it is good, but other than seeing that a 19 inch hebebn a large scroll bar. I can change this or would you like me to change the script. that would be great, because I really looked like this. I have the script attached to maybe change that for me. I thank you for the effort

greetings Johannnes