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I'm sorry Chen, this sorting thing is totally incomprehensible. If I want to sort games from A to Z in the selected category, I don't understand why my games are not rated from A to Z, it's that easy. But I will wait for an update in the next version. Thanks for your support.
Same problem in the arcade of this forum.
For example, the A to Z sort displays this :


I went through this whole forum, I did not find any answer to this concern, which is not mentioned elsewhere.

The problem is simple, but very annoying: whatever the sorting option of the games (alphabetical, by favorites, etc.), the display is random, the games are not sorted, and I can not find any logic in display order. The same problem appears with the original MOD, unmodified, whether locally or on a remote site. Is anyone also having this problem? Thank you.

Fred, from France
Thank you Chen for your files.

I compared your files with mines, and they were the same, I didn't make any error.
So I replaced MY files with YOUR your files : failed !
So I had an idea : because Alternative Menu uses hooks, I have uninstalled it, then reinstalled it to make him "hook" the arcade mod. And it WORKED : Now ARCADE is displayed on my menu. Add tonight, I'm an happy man.
Thank you so much for you quick reply my friend.

I try to add an access to the Arcade section with the SMF MOD Alternative Menu, but I fail :

$context['allow_arcade'] = allowedTo(' ? '); (in AlternativeMenu.subs.php file)

After looking into all the php source file provided with SMF Arcade package, I've tried several combinations :

arcade_play / play_arcade
arcade_view / view_arcade

But nothing ! Could someone help me ?

Thank you very much.

Fred, from France.