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SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Flash games
January 18, 2021, 12:55:36 AM
As you know flash games can no longer be played because Adobe no longer supports Flash Player and now wanting to open an as2 flash game you have this page
by clicking on it you will land on this page
there is an emulator on this page
it is enough to click on the link Self Hosted to download the folder to decompress it and to rename it ruffle then you will create a folder named applications to put the folder ruffle there, then you will put the whole thing at the base of your ftp, to make the call of this one you will open Themes/your theme/index.template.php and make a research of </body></html> to put this code just before
<script src="../applications/ruffle/ruffle.js"></script>which will give
<script src="../applications/ruffle/ruffle.js"></script>
and here is your as2 game opens up