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Releases & Version Updates / Snowflakes for SMF
November 29, 2018, 09:27:14 am
SMF-Snowflakes v1.42 has been released.

This release mainly deals with updating deprecated JQuery code.

The mod includes various types of snowflakes, bats, fireworks & Xmas lights.
There are also adjustable variables for the snowflake effects.


+& added profile permissions to the Snowflakes admin template
+& disabling Snowflakes for actions/subactions behavior has changed (see help text in admin)
! fixed misspelled help text
! fixed member database function (missing key column for replace/insert)

+& added permission to allow membergroups profile option of enable/disable Snowflakes
! fixed profile and permission functions
! fixed SMF 2.1 profile area hook

+& added admin options to disable Snowflakes during specific SMF actions and/or subactions

+ updated included JQuery library to v3.3.1
+ added admin option to select Xmas lights container height
- removed utf-8 language files (existing language files are utf-8)
- eliminated redundant flash files
! fixed css for lights
! fixed instance of window.onload changed to eventListener
! fixed instances of (window).load(function(){...}) changed to (window).on("load, function(){...})
! lights offset now "em" instead of "px" and floating value input allowing negative to positive range: -10.99 to 10.99

Available in the download section:
Download SMF-Snowflakes
Site Discussion / Snowflakes
November 27, 2018, 10:35:57 pm

I decided to blow the dust off of the old snowflakes mod that I made a long time ago.
In case anyone is intending to use it, keep in mind that at them moment it needs an update to work properly with the SMF 2.1 branch.
It does work for it but I can see a javascript issue that needs fixing.
EhPortal Support / Eh Portal v1.23 ~ Stable
November 04, 2018, 08:16:46 pm
Eh Portal v1.23

EhPortal 1.23
! Fixed javascript default function parameters for IE11
! Fixed missing icon for Arcade block
! Fixed shoutbox javascript for IE11
! Fixed redirect when user is logged out and forum is set to no guest access
! Fixed redirectexit() forum url
&! Fixed login template not to appear within shoutbox when forum login is timed out

The main changes are important bug fixes and minor behavioral changes.
Please report any feedback and/or bugs in this support board.

The package is available in the download section.
News and Announcements / SMTP limits
October 21, 2018, 10:50:05 pm
WebDev & Simple Portal will soon change their SMTP mail server.
Unfortunately Gmail SMTP service has lowered their free limits considerably which means we are forced to find a server with larger limits.

This means that users will be receiving emails from a different SMTP server for both sites.
Thus far I am likely looking at using Elastic Mail.

I will update this thread when things are finalized.
EhPortal Support / EhPortal version 1.22
September 11, 2018, 09:53:29 pm
Eh Portal v1.22

EhPortal 1.22
+ Adjusted css and javascript for responsive mobile
! Filtered page id query for allowed characters
! Fixed css for articles block title
! Fixed default/images url for icons
! Fixed css for body class settings

The main changes are css adjustments for the responsive layout and some minor bug fixes.
Please report any feedback and/or bugs in this support board.

The package is available in the download section.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / html5 sessions
August 11, 2018, 01:19:25 pm

HTML5 game type has a hard coded session length of time.
This needs to use the SMF server database settings.

SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / scoring with decimals
August 11, 2018, 01:34:46 am

Some games need to record the tenths, hundredths, etc. (ie. scores as time).
Right now the arcade does not record decimals in the database.
I must have did that in error at some point.
This needs to be fixed.
The newest official version of the arcade can be downloaded from here:;area=stable_smf_arcade

Please report any issues in this board.

SMF Arcade version 2.56.07 released August 2/2018

This release fixes & enhances v3arcade support, adds rar archive support (minimum PHP 5.5 required), adds a game specific scoring API and also includes various bug fixes.

Please see the changelog for details:
SMF Arcade changelog
EhPortal Support / Eh Portal v1.21
July 19, 2018, 09:17:17 am
Eh Portal v1.21

EhPortal 1.21
+ Updated copyright year to 2018
+ Added shoutbox audio
+ Added profile option to honor ignored members
+ Added profile option to mute shoutbox audio
+ Added admin option to fix number of shouts in each shoutbox
+ Member links in shoutbox now initiate private shout prefix
+ Added responsive bootstrap for mobile devices (includes mobile detection class)
! Replaced previous shoutbox code using jQuery/javascript sub-routines
! Fixed undefined errors while editing/creating blocks
! window.onload replaced with event listener
- Removed obsolete extra utf8 language files (all language files are utf8)

The main changes are a working shoutbox with audio alert and a responsive option.
The responsive layout attempts to adjust your entire forum when viewed on a mobile device including tablets.
That option may require tweaking/changes pending the next release.
Please report any feedback and/or bugs in this support board.

- when a game included in a gamepack has spaces in its folder name it gets ignored.

Upcoming fix:

- rename folder when decompressed to change spaces to underscore (spaces in file/folder names considered incorrect)
- ensure ibp3.2 game types are shown in list when view is opted
Ban Reports Logging Control

SMF 2.0.X - Ban Reports Logging Modification for SMF forums c/o Chen Zhen @
Copyright 2014
This software package is distributed under the terms of its CC BY-ND 4.0 License:

Version 1.0

This installation process will add an option to the General Security and Moderation template
which will allow an administrator to enable or disable log entries of banned entities.
Banned entities whom repeatedly attempt to access the forum can cause an excessive error log file.
The ability to disable this option can help make your error log more manageable and save on resources.

Version History

+ adds checkbox to Admin section under the heading of General Security and Moderation
+ option to enable/disable logging of banned entity log-in/access attempts

SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Arcade admin news
June 13, 2018, 12:57:43 am

re. Arcade v2.56.04
Arcade news still shows it needs an update when the updated version is installed.
The only changes I made for that are in the javascript file that it scrapes from my website.
I should be able to fix it on my end without an update to the Arcade.


Game downloads are not including sub-folders/files.
This was working in the past but I messed it up somehow with one of the changes.

Releases & Version Updates / Zhen Mailer v1.22
June 04, 2018, 11:00:32 pm

Zhen Mailer

Version 1.22

This installation process will add the following:

-> STARTTLS-SMTP compatibility for use of 3rd party email providers (SMF 2.0.X branch)
-> Database dumps that are forwarded to the webmaster email
-> Attachment backups to the webmaster email as they are posted
-> Options to encrypt any email attachments as compressed zip archives (requires PHP 7.2+ & ZipArchive)

Compatibility notes:
- PHP version 5.5 with the openssl PHP extension enabled is the minimum requirement for STARTTLS-SMTP compatibility
- ZipArchive extension is required for compression of any attachment backups
- PHP version 7.2+ with the ZipArchive extension is required for any archive encryption
- cURL extension is required for the scheduled database dumps option

This will allow your forum to use SMTP email using gmail, hotmail or yahoo mail.
PHP version 7.2+, ZipArchive & cURL extensions are recommended to make full use of this modification.

Updated CA certificates are required for your forum to communicate with email providers using the STARTTLS SMTP extension.
Example settings for your php.ini file may be:
openssl.cafile = /etc/ssl/cacert.pem
curl.cainfo = /etc/ssl/cacert.pem

You can download the latest cacert.pem file here:

Although it is not mandatory, a mail user named "members" should be created for BCC bulk emails.
SMTP port 587 is recommended.

Zhen Mailer for Simple Machines Forum
c/o Chen Zhen @
@license GNU Lesser General Public License
@copyright 2018 Chen Zhen

3rd Party Usage:
PHPMailer - PHP email creation and transport class.
@license GNU Lesser General Public License
@author    Marcus Bointon (Synchro/coolbru) <>
@copyright 2012 - 2017 Marcus Bointon

Shuttle-Export c/o 2createStudio
PHP based MySQL dump library
@license GNU Lesser General Public License
@copyright 2015 - 2017 2createStudio

Version History

! added extra logic for scheduled db backup flag

- removed redundant warning from install message
+ filtered signature in admin to not allow special characters
! remove any existing email signature to allowing ZhenMailer to override
! fixed missing argument in uniqidNameZhenMailer() function

+ using modified SMF smtp_mail function for general emails on the SMF 2.0.X branch

+ added ability to create database dumps that are forwarded to the webmaster email address
+ added ability to schedule database dumps (using cURL)
+ added ability to forward new attachments to the webmaster email address
+ files & hooks added for various functions
+ modification renamed to Zhen Mailer
+ added options to enable/disable log actions and errors
+ added specific xml editing for SMF 2.1.X branch (STARTTLS-SMTP usage only)
& language file changes

+ alters ../Sources/Subs-Post.php to allow the use of the STARTTLS SMTP extension
+ alters ../Sources/ManageMail.php to add STARTTLS-SMTP option to the mail type drop-down & an option
+ alters ../Sources/ScheduledTasks.php to allow the use of STARTTLS-SMTP with the mail queue
+ adds template + language files for a STARTTLS-SMTP email signature (needed due to Gmail signature not working for SMTP)
+ adds ZhenMailer Class package

Distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License ->



"plays" in arcade list

always shows 0 & needs to be fixed
Releases & Version Updates / Lepido Smileys
May 31, 2018, 05:18:19 pm
SMF 2.0.X branch

Lepido Smiley Package for SMF c/o Slicer
Original smiley pack c/o STAR WARS EMOTICONS PACK v2 by

This Smiley Pack is intended to be used with the Lepido Star Wars theme for Simple Machines Forum.

SMF 2.0.X branch

Lepido Theme
Dark responsive theme with a Star Wars canvas.
Uses mostly Font Awesome icons.

Releases & Version Updates / Simple Smileys
May 31, 2018, 03:20:02 pm
Simple Smileys v1.0
SMF 2.0.X Branch
c/o Chen Zhen @

Additional Smiley features:
- automatically add/remove Smileys in the database from Smiley paths
- allow forum wide usage of Smiley image paths
- fixes viewing image of Smileys in Admin

This does not add any Smiley packs.
It is a utility that is used with all Smiley Packs.

Personalized BBC / Clickable phone number BBCode
May 20, 2018, 04:46:34 pm
name: phone
description: Call this number
type: [tag]{content}[/tag]
parsing: {content} only

Code Select
<script type="text/javascript">
var tel_id = Math.random().toString(36).replace(/[^a-z]+/g, '').substr(2, 10);
document.write('<div style="display: inline;" id="' + tel_id + '"></div>');
var link = document.createElement("a");
var tel_number1 = "{content}";
var tel_number2 = tel_number1;
var view_filter = /^((\+\d{1,3}(-| )?\(?\d\)?(-| )?\d{1,3})|(\(?\d{2,3}\)?))(-| )?(\d{3,4})(-| )?(\d{4})(( x| ext)\d{1,5}){0,1}$/g;
var tel_filter = /\D/g;
var tel_type = "tel://";
link.textContent = tel_number1.replace(view_filter, "");
link.href = tel_type + tel_number2.replace(tel_filter, "");

The regex in these variables can be altered:
view_filter -> what is displayed to members
tel_filter -> the number used in the clickable link

the type of call can also be altered:
tel_type -> ie. use "callto://" or "tel://"

other possible regex filter examples:


U.S./Canada phone numbers ~ display:
Code Select
var view_filter = /^\(?(\d{3})\)?[- ]?(\d{3})[- ]?(\d{4})$/;

International ~ link filter:
Code Select
var tel_filter = /[\s()+\-\.]|ext/gi;

Code Select
var tel_filter = /^\+[0-9]?()[0-9](\s|\S)(\d[0-9]{9})$/gm;

Code Select
var tel_filter = /^[+]?([0-9]*[\.\s\-\(\)]|[0-9]+){3,24}$/gm;

If someone can reference a single javascript file phone number filter (using a jQuery library is fine) then I will test it and possibly include it in this example.

ref support thread: