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Please excuse me, I'm a little confused and this is my first time on this forum.
From the Download section I got a mod callled "SMF 2.0.X branch".  That appeared to be a Patching tool that would attempt to alter existing PHP 7.2 depreciated functions calls...  It seem it would try to modify my installed  SFM 2.0.15. and not roll me back to SMF 2.0

What is offered here is something different, YES?  This lookes like a modified version of SMF 2.0 compliant with 7.2 to replace any existing installed version of SMF, presumably a version earlier than 2.0.
BOTH are designated release 1.3

If what I downloaded is indeed a completly differnt "patch file"  Where is the appropriate place for me to ask about how to deploy it.  I didn't find related posts in the forum unless this is it.   I'm not a total novice with SFM--been using it for quite awhile but just getting back into it again.  It's been some time since I got very deep into the scripts.  Aeva Media 2.10 is giving me headaches, but that's another sob story :-) For the 2.0.X Branch  patch do I just upload it with Package Manager and and somehow run it, or it runs itself---doens't seem quite right but I'm not sure how else to install and run it.

Hopefully I'll be a little less newbie soon.