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Quote from: Legionaire on February 08, 2019, 07:43:41 AMI can confirm that NO PM's are sent to the person who has had a score taken from them, with all options checked, I set a score and it was taken by another member and I received NO PM, I only get a PM if another members score has been taken other than mine

Then this is probably a bug where is not right with the high score loss and the notification.
Can you please reupload. Thanks.
chen zhen, there seems to be a problem here. can you please fix that. no user gets a notification even though it is activated.
I really do not know anymore. I do not know why.

I do not receive any notifications when I have been stolen a score.

None of my users gets a notification.

But it is all activated in the settings of the arcade.

Where could the problem be?

Many Thanks.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Re: Auto Score Reset
March 02, 2019, 02:46:45 PM
unfortunately no download link. Could you please re-upload it. Many Thanks.
Could you please show the names in the arcade in groupcolor as well.

Wherever the name is.

Many Thanks
If you uninstall games, this error comes

  Type of error: General
2: in_array () expects parameter 2 to be array, null given
  /www/htdocs/xxxxxxx/forumSources/Subs-ArcadeAdmin.php (line 2659)
No thanks Chen Zhen. Mistake is gone.
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / 3 Highscore Champions
February 20, 2019, 11:05:09 AM
Now there are shown 3 Highscore Champions in arcade for each category.

I would like if the 3 Highscore Champions are shown für ALL catogiries with ALL highscores

Could you please have the game description displayed in the game view during the next update?

My users miss that. For many games it is very important to be able to read the description of the game.

Thanks in advance.
He shows me this in the Admin section of Cache.

SMF has detected the following accelerators: SQLite3 database based caching, SMF file based caching

I have chosen this time and deleted the cache. Let's see if it's better now.

In the line 6833 in the subs.php file is with me in it.

header ($ protocol. ''. $ code. ''. (! empty ($ status)? $ status: $ statuses [$ code]));
SMF Arcade Support + Plugins / Error logs from the arcade
February 15, 2019, 05:30:24 PM
Hi Chen,

I get a lot of error logs from the arcade.

But I do not know what to do or what is wrong.

I think you know what to do.

Type of error: Database
Database error: Data too long for column 'data' at row 1
  /www/xxxx/xxxxxx/xxxxxx/Sources/Session.php (Line 187)
  Type of error: General
2: Can not modify header information - headers already sent
  /www/xxxx/xxxx/xxxxx/Sources/Subs.php (Line 6833)
   Type of error: General
2: Unknown: Can not call session save handler in a recursive manner
ok thanks to you. Worked.

I deleted 2 games from a category.

I still get 2 games in the category.

When I go to the category, it's empty.

How do I get the ad right? Would have to stand there 0 there.