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Started by androbada525, December 05, 2014, 01:53:45 PM

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My SMF 2.0.9 forum,, is not loading. I even tried a large package upgrade, but to no help.

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Chen Zhen


  This board is actually for specific code questions and not really for problems with your SMF installation.

  Did you previously have a working SMF installation prior to upgrading?


My host had hid any php errors from public viewing, but I have turned them on. This is the error that I am getting:

Fatal error: Class 'TeamPage' not found in /home/theteamk/public_html/Sources/TeamPage.php on line 27
My SMF Website
The Team K


It appears you are using some type of Team PAge mod...which one?

Chen Zhen


This sounds to me as if you have a hook being initiated that needs to be removed from your SMF settings.
Download the repair settings tool:;filename=repair_settings.php

Put the file in your main site directory and access it via:

When using this tool look to the bottom right where it says to remove all hooks and press that link.
Double check that all your directories are correct since you have the tool loaded anyhow & ensure to save any new settings.
Remove the repair_settings.php file from your forum directory (delete it).

ref. instruction: