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PDL/Skin Combo

Started by Chen Zhen, July 06, 2013, 01:40:51 PM

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giving error in installation  :'(


i tried to found "// Arcade end" in Modifications.english-utf8.php, but not got.
please help...

Chen Zhen


  If the file that is showing an error does not exist in your languages directory then just ignore both errors to that file. It is supposed to skip that file if this is the case but as I said, if the file is non-existent then the errors can be ignored.
file: ../Themes/default/Modifications.english-utf8.php

If the file does indeed exist then perhaps there is a previous modification that had already edited the file in the same place that this mod is attempting to edit.
This is the edits to that file that this mod performs which can be added manually if necessary. Imo add it to the middle of the file.

/* Arcade - PDL Text Variables */
global $modSettings, $boardurl, $scripturl;
if (empty($modSettings['arcadeVersion'])) {$modSettings['arcadeVersion'] = '2.5 Rc1';}
$txt['arcade_download_gameplay'] = 'Download';
$txt['pdl_forum'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_forum.gif" alt="Forum" title="Forum" />';
$txt['pdl_arcade'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_arcade.gif" alt="Arcade" title="Arcade" />';
$txt['pdl_admin'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_admin.gif" alt="Admin" title="Admin" />';
$txt['pdl_home'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_home.gif" alt="Home" title="Home" />';
$txt['pdl_play'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_play.gif" alt="Play" title="Play Game" />';
$txt['pdl_viewscore'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_highscores.gif" alt="Highscores" title="Show Highscores" />';
$txt['pdl_random_game'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_random.gif" alt="Random" title="Random Game" />';
$txt['pdl_edit_game'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_edit.gif" alt="Edit" title="Edit" />';
$txt['pdl_download_game'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_download.gif" alt="Download" title="Download" />';
$txt['pdl_login'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_login.gif" alt="Login" title="Login" />';
$txt['pdl_logout'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_logout.gif" alt="Logout" title="Logout" />';
$txt['pdl_register'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_register.gif" alt="Register" title="Register" />';
$txt['pdl_reportbtn'] = '<img src="Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_report.gif" alt="Report" title="Report" />';
$txt['arcade_download_gameplay'] = '<img src="' . $boardurl . '/Themes/default/images/arc_icons/dl_btn.png" width="70" height="18" title="Download" alt="Download"></img>';
$txt['pdl_erroricon'] = '<a href="'.$scripturl.'?action=arcade" target="_parent"><img src="'.$boardurl.'/Themes/default/images/arc_icons/arcade_popup_error.gif" alt="SMF ARCADE" title="SMF ARCADE" /></a><br />';
$txt['pdl_arcade_copyright'] = 'Powered by: <a href="http://www.smfarcade.info/">SMF Arcade ' . $modSettings['arcadeVersion'] . '</a> &copy; <a href="http://www.madjoki.com/">Niko Pahajoki</a> 2004-2010';
$txt['pdl_trademarks'] = '<a href="http://validator.w3.org/check/referer" title="Valid XHTML 1.0!">XHTML</a> <a href="'.$boardurl.'/index.php?action=.xml;type=rss">RSS</a> <a href="'.$boardurl.'/index.php?wap2">WAP2</a>';
$txt['ud_pdl_logo'] = 'Game Template by <a href="http://askusaquestion.net/">Underdog</a>';
$txt['ud_reports_logo'] = 'SMF Arcade PDL Modification by <a href="http://askusaquestion.net/">Underdog</a>';
$txt['permissionname_arcade_download'] = 'Download Games';
$txt['permissionname_arcade_report'] = 'Report Game Errors';
$txt['arcade_general_pdl_settings'] = 'PDL Settings';
$txt['arcade_general_pdl_reports'] = 'PDL Reports';
$txt['arcade_pdl_reps'] = 'Games With Reported Errors';
$txt['pdl_submit'] = 'Submit';
$txt['pdl_maintain1'] = '<img src="' . $boardurl . '/Themes/default/images/arc_icons/pdl_clean.gif" alt="CLEAN" title="Clear Cache" />';
$txt['pdl_maintain2'] = 'Maintain';
$txt['pdl_listplay'] = 'PLAY';
$txt['pdl_test'] = 'Test Game';
$txt['pdl_reports_id'] = 'Game ID';
$txt['pdl_reports_name'] = 'Game Name';
$txt['pdl_reports_userid'] = 'Reported By';
$txt['pdl_reports_year'] = 'Year';
$txt['pdl_reports_day'] = 'Day';
$txt['pdl_reports_repid'] = 'Report #';
$txt['pdl_reports_dcount'] = 'Download Count';
$txt['pdl_reports_delete'] = 'Delete Report';
$txt['show_pdl_report'] = 'Game Error Reported';
$txt['arcade_replay'] = 'Replay';
$txt['arcade_download_game'] = 'Download';
$txt['pdl_unassigned'] = 'Unassigned';
$txt['pdl_unlimited'] = 'Unlimited';
$txt['pdl_na'] = 'N/A';
$txt['pdl_gamedata'] = 'Game Information';
$txt['game_categories'] = 'Game Categories';
$txt['pdl']['help'] = 'Help';
$txt['pdl_button1'] = 'Download';
$txt['pdl_edit'] = 'Edit';
$txt['pdl_report'] = 'Report';
$txt['pdl_popplay'] = 'Play In Popup';
$txt['pdl_counter'] = 'Total Downloads: ';
$txt['pdl_max_limit'] = 'Limit';
$txt['pdl_disabled'] = 'Arcade is disabled.';
$txt['pdl_notfound'] = 'Game not found in database.';
$txt['pdl_gamedisable'] = 'Game has been disabled.';
$txt['pdl_reports_toggle'] = 'Enable/Disable Download';
$txt['pdl_dl_status'] = 'Download Status';
$txt['pdl_dl_enabled'] = 'Enabled';
$txt['pdl_dl_disabled'] = 'Disabled';
$txt['pdl_yes'] = 'Yes';
$txt['pdl_down'] = '<br /><br /><br />';
/* If you want a button for downloads, omit the remark tags from the line below  */
/* $txt['pdl_button1'] = '<img src="' . $boardurl . '/Themes/default/images/arc_icons/dl_btn.png" width="70" height="18" alt="Download" title="Download" />'; */
/* Drop down categories for jeza template */
$txt['game_categories'] = 'Game Categories';

/* Drop down categories for jeza template */
$txt['game_categories'] = 'Game Categories';



March 28, 2015, 06:46:36 AM #32 Last Edit: March 28, 2015, 02:56:02 PM by Skhilled
People seem to be having a problem with Today's Scores not showing for some reason with PDL 1.0.5. Please look into this when you have some extra time...I know you're busy atm.


EDIT: I forgot to mention that they are using Arcade 2.6 but some are using 2.5 and getting the same results...

Chen Zhen


  What do you mean by "Today's Scores not showing" ?
Is the scoring system working properly? Is it just not displaying the new score(s) for the same day & then it appears to update at a later time (ie. for a new session)?

Chen Zhen

I adjusted the arcade listed here with the needed fix which also emends what was reported on your forum.
However, I did not use your 2.6 version of the arcade but rather named the version listed here as RC3.
It also already includes the PDL/Skin combo edits within that installation.

The edits you need for the PDL/Skin combo to work with version RC2 have also been completed.



April 11, 2015, 05:36:40 PM #35 Last Edit: April 11, 2015, 06:02:35 PM by Skhilled
Sorry, but I've been very busy trying to get my new PC built. Thanks, I'll download this.

EDIT: So far, I see 2 issues which are the same with versions on my site.

1.  When you add or edit a comment, it works but clicking the "Save" button does not send you to the correct screen and still shows the "Save button". It should go back to the original screen with the "Edit" button but showing the edit you've just made. Even refreshing the screen does not work. You have to go to another screen first then back to the Highscores page to see it.

2.  Today's Scores is not working properly even after refreshing and changing screens and going back.

I have not tried these with a browser other than FF yet...

EDIT Again: (LOL) Tried it with Chrome and get the same... However, I do remember something about waiting for a day to pass before Today's Scores worked long ago...

Chen Zhen


  I fixed todays scores and tested it in Chrome, it should work. I will have to test it again I suppose.
I was not aware of any issue with comments and will also look at that.


I waited until today and looked and didn't see any scores. I played a game and now it shows the game I played today. I knew I remembered Niko saying something about it working after 24 hours or something like that.


I didn't know about the comments until yesterday when NekoJones reported it.


I forgot he said he had another issue when viewing the stats page:

QuoteDatabase Error: BIGINT UNSIGNED value is out of range in '((case when (`arpegi_be`.`score`.`champion_to` = 0) then 1428760945 else `arpegi_be`.`score`.`champion_to` end) - `arpegi_be`.`score`.`champion_from`)'

SELECT game.id_game, game.game_name,
CASE WHEN champion_from > 0 THEN (CASE WHEN champion_to = 0 THEN UNIX_TIMESTAMP() ELSE champion_to END - champion_from) ELSE 0 END AS champion_duration,
IFNULL(mem.id_member, 0) AS id_member, IFNULL(mem.real_name, '') AS real_name, CASE WHEN champion_to = 0 THEN 1 ELSE 0 END AS current
FROM smf_arcade_scores AS score
LEFT JOIN smf_arcade_games AS game ON (game.id_game = score.id_game)
LEFT JOIN smf_members AS mem ON (mem.id_member = score.id_member)
WHERE 1 = 1
GROUP BY score.id_score
HAVING champion_duration > 0
ORDER BY CASE WHEN champion_from > 0 THEN (CASE WHEN champion_to = 0 THEN UNIX_TIMESTAMP() ELSE champion_to END - champion_from) ELSE 0 END DESC

File: /*****/arpegi.be/****/Sources/ArcadeStats.php
Line: 272

Since I could not reproduce it I assumed something was not installed properly...