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Champion number two

Started by bigguy, April 16, 2018, 03:29:40 PM

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Why when I get to be champion of a game it only puts me in position 2 instead of 1. ??

Chen Zhen

What game is this?
Any game?

If it is then I have to adjust it.
It's likely the same thing causing all the recent issues.
The strict ORDER BY clause made me include all selected columns from a query and I have to put them in a certain order to get it to work properly.


It's on any game it happens.

Chen Zhen

When I test this briefly it seems to work ok.
Can I see what you are referring to?

Was this a local test or can I see it on a forum or sub forum that you created?

Chen Zhen

Actually.. never mind.
I see you tested it here in the Arcade.

I see now.. the order is ok but it shows #2 first instead of #1...
For display it must be adding +1 to the position in error.
I will look into it and fix it.

Thanks for reporting the problem.

Chen Zhen

The problem required a very minor edit to one of the template files.
There were no database issues regarding score position.

Arcade was fixed and updated to v2.56.03
This version is available in the download section.

Thanks again for the report.


Hey no problem at all. Love to be able to help. :)