Database error

Started by xMaster, October 02, 2018, 03:30:16 am

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Hello, I get the following error after playing the game:

Data too long for column 'member_ip' at row 1
Datei: /xxxxx/xx/xxxxx/xxxx/smf/Sources/Subs-Arcade.php
Zeile: 1013

Arcade is:  SMF Arcade 2.56.10
SMF: 2.1.Beta 4


Chen Zhen

The existing size of the varchar column should be able to handle the largest ipv4 address.
However, I can change it to 255 with the next update to the Arcade.

For now, if you know how to use phpmyadmin or whichever db platform your control panel uses you can adjust the column manually.

Look for...
table: arcade_scores

column: member_ip

.. adjust it to varchar 255