Missing SWF games / HTML5 conversion

Started by overdue, January 06, 2019, 10:45:19 pm

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January 06, 2019, 10:45:19 pm Last Edit: January 20, 2019, 08:48:21 pm by Chen Zhen Reason: disabled links
I have several games from my old SMF board that were backed up from the public_html so they were already uploaded and unzipped. For some reason I can't get them to work on the new board running the updated version of SMFArcade2.56.11. I also have the latest version of the SMF board 2.0.15. I cannot find anywhere to download these files anymore since I got them either on the old smfarcade.info site or on ipbdownloads - which I can't log into anymore because I can't recover my password (their captcha isn't working..at all).

Here's a list of games I have from my board from 2009. I can provide the swf files if necessary.

NancyDrew32FORZA (a mini game of camptown races from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon in which I had some nice guy from one of the mentioned sites fix it so it would keep score on smf arcade. It won't keep high scores on it's own anymore. Here's where you can find the original flash file: hxxps://www.herinteractive.com/games/the-train-to-blue-moon-canyon/)

Cat Bowling
(says bravo zulu! presents on title screen)
Load of Croc
Ms Pacman
Shell game
Slingo (more modern version)
Slingo Deluxe (version that was on AOL back in the day)

If at all possible I'd love to convert these to HTML5 since flash is becoming obsolete. What I'd really love is for someone to convert the Nancy Drew mini games (hxxps://www.herinteractive.com/more-nancy-drew/retro-mini-games/) to HTML5. Some of those would be really good for the arcade too.

I also have single player Lingo and Chain Reaction in swfs from the old GSN website. These might be also interesting for an smf arcade.

If anyone can help me out with these I'd really appreciate it.

Chen Zhen

The SWF games work fine on the latest version of the arcade.
Updated browsers now block all swf content by default.
Usually when attempting to play a swf game, you will need to allow it in your browser.