There is an arror installing for SMF 2.1.RC1

Started by Missy, January 30, 2019, 09:19:48 AM

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There is an error when trying to install EhPortal 1.23 on SMF 2.1 RC1. Test faild with replacing code in Subs.php here:

<file name="$sourcedir/Subs.php">
<search position="replace"><![CDATA[ static $disabled;]]></search>
<add><![CDATA[ static $disabled, $default_disabled, $parse_tag_cache;]]></add>


That line of code has changed in RC1. It's now this:

        static $disabled, $alltags_regex = '', $param_regexes = array();

Chen Zhen

Yes, beta testers had recently reported a few needed changes.
I will release an update within a day.

Chen Zhen

Eh Portal v1.24 has been released which includes adjustments for SMF 2.1-RC1.