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Started by replikacep, November 07, 2018, 03:11:54 PM

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[attach name=Screenshot_20181124-192117_Samsung+Internet.jpg type=image/jpeg]360[/attach]

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[attach name=Screenshot_20181124-192148_Samsung+Internet.jpg type=image/jpeg]364[/attach]

[attach name=Screenshot_20181124-192302_Samsung+Internet.jpg type=image/jpeg]366[/attach]

Chen Zhen

Are you pointing out issues with any of the layout or is that satisfactory?


Chen Zhen Don't go somewhere :D

bad places marked in the picture

[attach name=Screenshot_20181124-192117_Samsung+Internet.jpg type=image/jpeg]368[/attach]

[attach name=Screenshot_20181124-192302_Samsung+Internet.jpg type=image/jpeg]370[/attach]

[attach name=Screenshot_20181124-194639_Samsung+Internet.jpg type=image/jpeg]372[/attach]

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[attach name=Screenshot_20181124-195011_Samsung.jpg type=image/jpeg]376[/attach]

I hope my help has been touched

I will examine again in detail


do you authorize admin  me as a temporary :) i will check some places

or give demo site


can you share a module experience on demo site

Chen Zhen

It appears as though you are using Google translate but it is a bit off at times.

What I meant about beta tester is access to beta released versions and their boards/threads.
That does not involve any sort of granted admin access.

Anyhow, I have made changes to the css for specific input types.
Please let me know if what you just reported is now fixed.

Thanks for all the feedback.


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user information is corrupted

other places smooth


Burada sorunlu

[attach name=Screenshot_20181125-003333_Samsung+Internet.jpg type=image/jpeg]382[/attach]


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