Users no longer receive a message on score loss.

Started by Hero, February 06, 2019, 12:47:46 pm

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@ Chen Zhen.

What could that be? I can not find any mistakes.

No user gets a private message if their score has been outbid.

Thank you for your help.


If, for example, a score is stolen, then another user gets this message. But I would have to get the message. Is this a bug or somewhere a setting thing?

Chen Zhen

The settings for that are in your profile.
You can choose to receive a notification when anyone beats a score or if they only beat your score.



Today I got a PN here

Chen Zhen is no longer a champion of P2 ball

Chen Zhen is no longer a champion of P2 ball,
Legionaire has beaten Chen Zhen's score and is a new champion!

You may opt to disable this notification from: VIEW PROFILES

Why do I get this PN? You should get the PN chen zhen. Is that a bug?


It is possible that you have set the notification in your profile to receive a notification when anyone's high score has been taken



I can confirm that NO PM's are sent to the person who has had a score taken from them, with all options checked, I set a score and it was taken by another member and I received NO PM, I only get a PM if another members score has been taken other than mine