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Started by masodo, March 29, 2019, 01:12:39 pm

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Hello webdev,
I was hoping to download a couple of the new HTML5 games from the arcade to learn more about how these are put together. I run an IBPro compatible arcade with over 200 html5 games and also have an arcade equipped SMF site. I'd like to try my hand at converting some games but find I need to have 5 posts in the boards before I can download - I believe this is post number 3 in my quest ;)

Too bad the required number of posts to download isn't 3 :(


I too have a SMF site and I just got around to updating the Arcade. I'll try to be discrete in posting 4 more posts so as not to be obnoxious or come across as a spammer.

On my outdated arcade, none of the 3 games will post a score. Due to health issues a few years ago, I'm just now catching up.

I really wanted to download a HTML game to see if it would install and actually work.

I'll try to find another discrete place to post. I can't really post an error I'm getting as I have no games to install to see if the updated arcade works on my setup.

Thank you and sorry...