EhPortal SMF v1.24 proposal

Started by replikacep, April 24, 2019, 10:23:56 AM

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samsung s8 and s9 not compatible

portal_responsive.css I played a bit

a { color: #346;text-decoration: none;background-color: transparent;-webkit-text-decoration-skip: objects;}
@media (max-width: 480px) {
.login dt, .login dd { width: auto;text-align: center;float: none;}
.sp_left {text-align: center;}


Defined Title Class: catbg2 , catbg2 ,titlebg, titlebg2 :  If you select them, they are broken in mobile

Defined Content Class:  windowbg2 , windowbg2 , information ,  : based on the un-added mobile theme

Isn't it better if you follow the path : portal css 


 min-width: 750px;

change :

@media only screen and (max-width: 750px), only screen and (min-resolution: 300dpi) {

 #sp_main #sp_left, #sp_main #sp_center, #sp_main #sp_right {
 display: block;
 width: auto !important;
 padding: 0;


please give a good overview of mobile compatibility


js and css compression. make sure that the old 1.1 ehportal is better

This new portal is weak and slow on mobile devices. the previous eh portal was much better.

You have to add js and css compression.
Use css instead of Bootstrap


admin will you reply
show to be mobile compatible
because now everyone is using the site mobile


Replikacep is the admin still active here