Install errors

Started by lesmond, March 23, 2020, 05:34:42 PM

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Just installed a fresh SMF 2.1RC2 and the latest arcade version from here, but every time I install games the log is filling with errors like so...

Type of error: General
 8: Array to string conversion
 home/xxxxx/public_html/games/Sources/Subs-ArcadeAdmin.php (Line 952)


Couldnt edit my first post. :o
so Heres my Subs-ArcadeAdmin.php file if it helps

Chen Zhen

I apologize for not seeing your post earlier.
You now have beta access.. just download the latest beta version 2.57 from the download section and use it instead.
I am currently working on mobile display which is taking more time than anticipated.
However it should function just fine for you other than some mobile display for the time being.