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You need to enable javascript in order to play games.

Started by grandseb59, March 30, 2020, 01:17:43 PM

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Good evening, everyone,
I have this error that appears when I click on a game:

"You need to enable javascript in order to play games."

However, javascript is enabled in my browser...
What's wrong then?
Thanks in advance for your help ;)


yet here I have no problem playing games... Strange?????

Chen Zhen

That error usually shows up for the older flash games.
Recent versions of browsers require you to allow flash as both a main setting and also a per site basis.
I know that Chrome has a main setting that needs to be enabled and then when you try to play a game it will ask you to allow it on the top-left of the window.
Whatever browser you are using will have something similar.
You likely allowed flash for this site at some point and as long as you don't clear the browser history, it will remember the allowance for this site.


In fact it was my forum that was all wrong.
So I redid it all and it works now.