SMF Arcade 2.57.0-beta12

Started by Ronald, June 09, 2020, 08:35:42 pm

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I have installed the beta 12 arcade..

If possible can you add the following to the arcade. Would be nice to have the following added

1.Arcade Announcements
2.Game Of The Day Challenge
3.Game Of The Week Challenge
4.Game Of The Month Challenge
5.Team Challenge

Chen Zhen

Great that should work out much better for you instead of the current stable.
With the beta packages, check back here every few weeks or so to see if I release another beta.
I will likely be releasing one this weekend.
A stable version is very close but there are still some things to work out and my time for development is a little sparse.
Too much to do around the house plus I have been working this whole time during the Covid-19 outbreak so I get a bit tired.

I will keep your requests in a to-do list but the next stable version is overdue so I have to work on getting it out without adding anything else. The change log is already very lengthy.