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old classic swf games

Started by pinklady, July 27, 2020, 03:10:24 PM

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Hi all, ;D

I installed this new arcade mod for my smf forum. ( which is great! :D )

I used to run ( a few years ago ^_^ ) smf 1.16 with previously E-arcade mod and i noticed that those games doesn't submit a score on this new version. I already tried in advanced setting changing the score submit option, but none works. Can this be fixed? :)


Linda :)

Chen Zhen

Hi pinklady,

The games you had on E-Arcade should submit a score on this arcade.
There is an option in its admin section to auto adjust game save types if there is a problem with some games.
E-arcade used the auto detect save type by default if I remember correctly.

Also the next stable release of this arcade is very close to being completed.
There are many changes & fixes so look out for its release in the next few weeks.


Hi Chen Zhen :D

Great to hear! You guys are doing great work!! :D It's very good to see the arcade back!! :D

I tried the option to auto detect the save score and i get the error message:

"This game requires a score greater than 0."

I had this error on multiply games.

I added the game i just tried so you can see for yourself :)


Linda  :D


Just so you know as of dec 2020 all browsers will no longer support flash aka ( swf ) but as long as you don't update your browser after that you should still be able to use it .. the new html5 games will be the norm

Chen Zhen

Did you copy these arcade files to a new host or start a new forum directory?
If this is the case, you may need to copy the "arcade" folder to the new site directory.
This folder contains gamedata files that are necessary for some IBP game types.

Chen Zhen

That specific game saves with the appropriate gamedata files.
I'm fairly sure you neglected to copy the necessary gamedata files to your forum directory.
Without those files, the auto adjust save type option will opt the wrong save type.


 :-[  :-[  :-[ ahhhhh yes now i remember those gamedata files :D I totally forget about those!  :-[  :-[  :-[  :D

Thank you for your help! :D  i will test again tonight :D I'm still testing this out on my desktop server before i go online :)

Greetings Linda :D

Chen Zhen

You should wait for the next release prior to going live.
There are many fixes included and it will be available very soon.


Hi Chen Zhen :D

Thank you for the tip! I will do that :D

Your doing great work! Thank you very much for that! :D