The sorting of games is random despite the choice of sorting otions

Started by Fredisland, January 07, 2021, 10:35:27 PM

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I went through this whole forum, I did not find any answer to this concern, which is not mentioned elsewhere.

The problem is simple, but very annoying: whatever the sorting option of the games (alphabetical, by favorites, etc.), the display is random, the games are not sorted, and I can not find any logic in display order. The same problem appears with the original MOD, unmodified, whether locally or on a remote site. Is anyone also having this problem? Thank you.

Fred, from France

Chen Zhen

Yes there was a known problem with the sorting order in the current stable release.
The next release has a fix that should allow it to work properly.
Test out sorting games in the arcade here on this site & let me know if you think it seems to be working now.


Same problem in the arcade of this forum.
For example, the A to Z sort displays this :

Chen Zhen

That looks like Z-A for desktop/laptop.
Also keep in mind that the arcade remembers the game type selected and saves it in your user profile.
It will remember some of those settings for the next time you use the arcade.
This can be reset by clicking on the Arcade button/link located at the bottom left of the top skin.
The default sorting for the arcade (when reset) is latest descending order.

To test it, navigate to the arcade here on the site & click on the arcade link described above.
Then afterward click on A-Z (not Z-A) from the drop-down.


I'm sorry Chen, this sorting thing is totally incomprehensible. If I want to sort games from A to Z in the selected category, I don't understand why my games are not rated from A to Z, it's that easy. But I will wait for an update in the next version. Thanks for your support.