SMF Arcade v2.55

Started by Chen Zhen, Dec 16, 2017, 06:26 PM

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Chen Zhen

SMF Arcade v2.55 stable release on Sat, 16 Dec 2017

With this release we see the launch of HTML5 game support and scoring available when a unique save sub-routine is added.
Some new gamepacks are available in the download section that include HTML5 games that have already been adjusted.
Various templates are now available including the option to mix and match headers & lists.
An E-Arcade clone template is available using Defiant theme & Retro list.
New maintenance options, more aesthetic tournament template, option to upload category icons,
PHP 7.2 compatibility, more user options, ability to upload large gamefiles, many fixes & improvements & much more!

Detailed excerpt from the changelog:
QuoteSMF Arcade 2.55                                                     xx.12.2017
December 2017
 + Added Defiant theme (E-Arcade clone)
 & Language added for Defiant theme
 + Three list types now available
 & Language added for list types
 + Added additional filtering of directory structure concerning game deletions
 + Added specific user settings for PM and/or EMail notifications
 + Added option to send notification Emails/PMs in bulk
 + Links from emails while not logged in triggers login prompt that redirects to arcade action/sa
 ! Fixed PM, EMail & Arena/Match notifications
 & New language strings added for PM/Email changes
 + Main language files loaded with pre_load hook
 + Changed subroutines for arcade online data in arcade info centre
 + Display amount of guests & users in the arcade
 + Added detailed Arcade online list with setting and permissions
 & New language strings added for arcade online (admin & user)
 + New maintenance option to manually purge online log
 + New maintenance option to manually purge Arcade download directory
 + New maintenance option to remove outstanding compressed game archives
 + New maintenance option to purge unused arcade icons from the arc_icons directory (deletes files not currently used by the arcade)
 + Completed maintenance task now shows complete & fades out
 * Eliminated/changed deprecated css in templates
 * Various aesthetic template fixes for light/dark themes
 ! Fixed typing enter after save comment
 ! Fixed profile area to show users top 10 - 1st, 2nd & 3rd high score placements
 & New strings for profile changes
 ! Fixed SMF 2.1 installation for profile area hook changes
 ! Fixed guest permissions for games with no opted category
 + Added custom php/xml file generation for game downloads
 + Added additional custom install data as xml file(s) (visit WebDev for support)
 + Added zip|tar|tar.gz archive option for downloads (if zipArchive is not available then zip option is omitted)
 ! Fixed/changed download subroutine (+ one file removed)
 ! Fixed .tar.gz decompression for installing games
 ! Fixed database installation subroutine to conform to SMF standard
 ! Fixed database routines in reports source file
 ! Fixed deletion of unique game directories when games are uninstalled
 ! Fixed installation issue for when E-Arcade was previously installed
 + Uninstalling games now deletes game topics if applicable
 * Icons are now solely stored in the default theme images directory
 * Icons stored directly in the images directory are now located in the images/arc_icons directory
 + Option to upload image files for categories (jpg, gif, png ~ auto resizing to selected default dimensions)
 & New language for all icon related changes
 * Removed arcade_settings table & added arcade_members table (improved format & more settings)
 + Options for users to select skin & list
 + Permissions added for the above options
 + Guest score names are validated for numbers + letters only
 ! Fixed IE/MS-Edge score comments
 + Added fullscreen/normal mode for games
 + Added HTML5/JS game support (requires unique save parameters to be added to games)
 - utf8 language files removed (standard language files are already UTF-8)
 + Arena template changed/updated
 ! Guest names fixed for score notifications
 + Tested and edited for PHP 7.1 compatability
 * PHP 5.5 is now the minimal version
 ! Fixed game install subroutine (multiple uploads, directory allocation, game data, etc.)
 + Updated swfobject.js to v2.3.20130521
 ! Game popups fixed for SMF 2.1
 + New HTML5 upload script & template (supports large files @ 1MB/chunk minimum)
 ! Replaced all create_function instances with anonymous functions
 ! Fixed return_bytes function to use float
 ! Fixed memory allocation for installing games
 ! Decompression of zip archives now use the SMF default due to possible PECL/PEAR modules not being available
 + Version reference updated in all files to reflect official release (v2.55)
 * Adjusted sub-routines for news regarding version information in Arcade & js source file
 + Display game type option for Vintage List when downloading is enabled

Support board here: Arcade Support
Please report any issues here: Report Arcade Issues/Bugs
Beta package announcements for the next release will be posted here: Beta Release Board